The anime of the famous street fighting manhwa announced and when it will premiere

The well-known work that also swept the webtoon will be released as an anime in just a couple of months

The manhwas and webtoons are beginning to make their mark in the anime industry, and with the tremendous success that the premiere of “Solo Leveling“It seems that we will see more and more projects of this nature being announced. Precisely, without going any further, today we have had confirmation of the television adaptation of “Viral Hit”an anime that will also come loaded with that action that the public likes so much.

Everything you need to know about Viral Hit and its anime

Before moving on to the details about this project that points out ways, I leave you below with the teaser announcement trailer that Crunchyroll has published:

And now, I leave you with the most important things about this promising project (via MangaMogura):

  • To begin, it must be said that Viral Hit anime premieres in April 2024. Yes, despite the sudden announcement, the premiere will take place in just two months, thus forming part of the quarterly spring season. 😍
  • On the other hand, it has also been confirmed that Crunchyroll will be in charge of distributing the anime worldwide. Although regionally there may always be asterisks with these things, at first it does not seem that there will be any surprise with it. 😉
  • Likewise, what has also been confirmed is that The studio in charge of the Viral Hit anime is Okuruto Noboru, a company that will surely familiarize you if I mention animes like Tomodachi Game or How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. 🤔

But, What kind of story is the “Viral Hit” anime trying to tell? This is the plot of the work created by Taejoon Park and Jung Hyun Kim:

What is Viral Hit about?

Wimpy student Hobin Yoo is probably the last person you’d expect on a NewTube channel dedicated to fighting. But after following a series of tips from a mysterious NewTube channel, Hobin suddenly finds himself knocking out guys stronger than him and starting to make money like he never could have imagined. Can Hobin continue at this pace or will he eventually encounter someone who knocks him down?

I’m not going to deny it, What “Viral Hit” proposes seems interesting to me for a while.. Also, as I say, seeing that manhwas and webtoons are going really strong, I think it won’t hurt to give this adaptation a chance. It is true that perhaps the Okuruto Noboru studio is not exactly the one that gives me the best ‘vibes’ in the world for what could be a really big anime project, but in any case it is better to wait and see how they develop in this case.

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