The anime officially confirms its release date in Spain

The issue of anime licensing is something that will forever remain an incomprehensible mystery, unless of course one is working directly in the sector. The most recent example of this? The anime of “Undead Unluck“, which at this point has already more than 2 months on air in Japan. Well, now it has finally been confirmed the release date in Spain of the new David Productionand fortunately there will hardly be any longer to wait.

The Undead Unluck anime starts this week on the Disney + service

Next I leave you with the This week’s Disney + programming How well the team has rescued AnimeLegalES:

undead unluck
Disney + Spain finally confirms the premiere of Undead Unluck

And now I tell you everything you need to know about the premiere of the “Undead Unluck” anime in Spain:

  • To begin with, the most important thing is the confirmation that Undead Unluck premieres in Spain on December 13, 2023. That is to say, the rumors from weeks ago Based on the premiere in France, they have ended up being completely accurate. 😍
  • Secondly, it is also important to highlight that The broadcast will start from episode 1 of the anime, and it will be week by week that new episodes will be added. That is to say, even though the original broadcast is about to finish its ‘first round’, the Spanish one will NOT catch up immediately. 😮
  • Another detail to take into account is that the issuance is confirmed in VOSE. Despite the more than 2 month delay, it seems that the Undead Unluck anime will not receive any dubbing in Spain (at least at this point). 🤔
  • Likewise, I will highlight that the Undead Unluck anime will have up to 24 episodes in this first season. Come on, in the case of Spain the anime will remain broadcast until approximately June. 🤩

It has been difficult, but the fact that “Undead Unluck” officially arrives in Spain is good news. Although this fall has left other more notable productions such as “Frieren” or the return of “Spy x Family” (among others), “Undead Unluck” was also having its due following. The leading duo is not exactly the most conventional, and All its freneticism, humor and action will surely end up convincing more than one to give it a chance on Disney +.

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