The anime officially premieres its dubbing into Spanish from Spain

Solo Leveling” is clearly becoming one of the great anime of 2024, something that was really to be expected. The story of Sung Jinwoo has done nothing more than begin and yet it cannot be said that the protagonist has had precisely one step’pleasant‘. However, in case you are one of those who have not yet given it a chance, I now have another official incentive that may convince you: You can now watch the “Solo Leveling” anime with the Spanish dubbing from Spain.

Everything you need to know about the Spanish dubbing of Solo Leveling

Obviously, It has been Crunchyroll as the person in charge of the license that has set the wheels in motion for the Spanish dubbing of “Solo Leveling” in Spain:

  • In this link you will find episode number 1 of the Solo Leveling anime, which now has the audio option in Spanish from Spain. 😉
  • Currently the original broadcast is in episode 3, so it seems that the idea is that the dubbed content will be broadcast a couple of weeks later than the main Crunchyroll broadcast. 😮
only leveling
  • The actors and actresses involved in the dubbing of Spain are the following:
    • Sung Jinwoo – Masumi Mutsuda
    • Cha Hae-In – Marta Rodríguez
    • Yoo Jinho – Sergi Olmo
    • Choi Jing-In – Lluis Nicolau
    • Go Gunghee – Xavi Martin
    • Lee Johee – Lillian Rhodes
    • Song Chiyul – Xavi Fernández López
    • Park Beom-Shik – Ferran Carnicero
    • Kim Sanghsik – Eduard Doncos
    • Woo Jinchul – Rafa Calvos
  • I remember that The first season of the Solo Leveling anime has 12 confirmed episodes, although a leak revealed that it would actually have 2 separate broadcast parts.. This means that, if this information is confirmed, you will have a lot of time ahead of you to become familiar with the voices, even if you decide to make the jump from Japanese to Spanish. 🤔

Personally I highly recommend giving “Solo Leveling” a try. Although its universe reminds me of a combination of franchises like “Hunter x HUnter” and “DanMachi”, to tell the truth the beginning of the story is from that traumatic caliber that reminds one of the first episode of “Shingeki no Kyojin”. In any case, whether you are interested in the anime I have mentioned or not, the truth is that it is a story that stands out enough on its own so that it does not have to depend on absolutely anything else.

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