The anime’s 27th film already has a release date and first image

Detective Conan” is one of the most successful manga and anime franchises of all time, and that is why at the time it was confirmed that, at least, there would be up to a total of 30 films created for Conan Edogawa and company. Well, it’s time to get to talk seriously about the film 27 of all of these, and today they have been advanced a handful of details for the premiere that will take place in 2024.

EVERYTHING that is known for now about the premiere of movie 27 of the Detective Conan anime

Next I leave you to start with the first promotional image from “Detective Conan” movie 27 (via SugoiLite):

detective conan
This is the first promotional poster for the new Detective Conan movie

And having seen the little sign in question, I tell you now the most important things to consider:

  • To begin with, it has been confirmed that the 27th film of the Detective Conan anime will have the following title: 100-man Dollar no Michishirube (One Million Dollar Signpost). 😉
  • Secondly, the release date has also been confirmed: April 12, 2024. It was previously reported that the film would debut around April next year, so it seems that there hasn’t been much change from what was previously planned. 🤗
  • Like so much content from the Detective Conan anime, this time it will be TMS Entertainment the studio in charge of the animation of the film. Likewise, the 27th feature film will feature the direction of Chika Nagaoka, who already did the same with the 23rd and 24th films of the franchise. 😎
  • For the moment it must be said that there is no synopsis as such from movie 27 of the Detective Conan anime, although the promotional image reveals that We will have the iconic Kaito Kid as one of the protagonists of it. 🤩

At the moment there is no word about when ‘100-man Dollar no Michishirube’ will be released in Spain, although the truth is that The previous anime film of “Detective Conan” did not take long to wait in our country. In this sense, the truth is that if everything follows a similar path, something should not be ruled out for the months of May-June, but in any case this is nothing more than speculation on my part at this point.

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