The author of Dandadan makes an unexpected and impressive tribute to Yoru from Chainsaw Man

Being a mangaka in Japan can be as wonderful as it is hellish. The recognition and money that is earned by being the author of an internationally successful work is brutal, but in exchange you must work many hours daily, putting your own health at risk. Despite this some artists like Dandadan manage to find free time to make special drawings.

Yukinobu Tatsu He is the creator of a manga Shonen Jump+ which is published weekly, so it is most striking that he has used his few free moments to return to the desk in order to prepare an illustration of one of your favorite Chainsaw Man characters.

This would be Yoru from Chainsaw Man according to the author of Dandadan

  • This afternoon Tatsu-sensei shared through his account x a drawing that shows what it would be like his version of Yoru, the beloved character from Part 2 of Chainsaw Man🔥🔥🔥
  • The Demon of War had a spectacular moment in chapter 148 (published last week), and the creator of Dandadan couldn’t resist paying him a little tribute😯😯
  • In the image that I leave below you can see what the scene of Yoru summoning the imposing Espada Apartment 606 would be like with the art style of Dandadan 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
  • Impressive, don’t you think? With this it seems to be clear that Yukinobi Tatsu is a fervent follower of Chainsaw Man who enjoys each and every one of the chapters that the good Fujimoto releases when he can. Has he also enjoyed the controversial MAPPA anime?

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