the author of Golden Kamuy is satisfied with the live-action film

The live-action movie of “Golden Kamuy” hasn’t been officially released in Japan yet, but one of the benefits of being the creator of the work is that you are allowed a special pass so you can see with your own eyes how things went. Judging by the reactions of Satoru Noda, it looks like The live-action of “Golden Kamuy” can also be added to that club with “Yu Yu Hakusho” and “One Piece” by having received a live-action adaptation that really lives up to it.

The creator of Golden Kamuy shares his impressions after watching the live-action anime

Next I leave you with the most notable part of Noda-sensei’s message regarding the sensations that the live-action film “Golden Kamuy” has generated in him (via AnimeHunch):

  • Noda-sensei explains that he has a very clear mental vision of what his Golden Kamuy is, and it is for that reason that he was VERY concerned about how the live-action would capture that essence of the film. Luckily, he says that After seeing it for the first time he feels much calmer. 😁
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With the anime coming to an end, live-action may help bring more life to Golden Kamuy
  • The creator of Golden Kamuy He highlights above all the actors in the film, of whom he assures that They fit very well with the characters in the play.. Noda-sensei says that the actors present a different appeal to the characters, but that they still manage to be cool, cute and mature, which seems to fit well with the vision of their work. 🥰
  • Ultimately, Satoru Noda comments that He doesn’t think there’s anything to lose by going to see the live-action Golden Kamuy. It doesn’t seem to be the most encouraging message in order to motivate fans, but surely the most positive thing to take away from all this is that Noda-sensei does not feel disappointed with the live-action adaptation. 😉

I remember that The live-action “Golden Kamuy” does not premiere in Japan until January 19, 2024which at the same time means that we have left a good handful of months until I have the opportunity to enjoy the film. If it works like the “Kingdom” movies, it is possible that this live-action will end up landing on Netflix, although this is nothing more than assumptions for now. So, we’ll have to wait and see how this adaptation becomes available internationally.

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