The author reveals how difficult it was to kill THAT specific character

One Piece“It is a great adventure that, in general, everyone likes to enjoy with a huge smile on their face… but precisely to appreciate the moments of happiness to the fullest one has to understand what pain and sadness are. And yes, that was something that at the time was burned into Luffy, never better said. Indeed,Even Eiichiro Oda himself, author of the work, found it tremendously difficult to put an end to the life of a character like Ace.

Killing Ace was no walk in the park for Eiichiro Oda

Next I leave you with the words of the author of “One Piece” as collected by sandman_AP from a couple of interviews from a decade ago:

  • Of first, Eiichiro Oda acknowledges that the reception there was for Ace at the time of its introduction was tremendous. One Piece fans vibrated with the character from the first moment and that made what was always the plan, killing Ace, become tremendously complex. 😅
one piece manga ace
An indelible character for One Piece fans, both for the good and the bad.
  • Oda-sensei reveals that, In his original plans, Ace’s death was to come only a year after he was introduced in One Piece.. However, the fact that he quickly became such a popular character meant that this process ended up taking a total of 10 years. 🤯
  • Obviously, if you review the facts of something like the mythical Marineford you will realize that The journey to Ace’s death was not exactly an easy one for someone of Luffy’s level at that time.. That Eiichiro Oda commented on this same thing 10 years ago shows that the process was as complex for him as Luffy himself. 😶

Ace’s death is one that has always generated quite a bit of controversy, obviously because it has a wide range of good and bad things: personally, I will say that At first it seemed completely ridiculous to me how Ace himself threw away the efforts of all those who, ultimately, only wanted him alive. On the other hand, it can also be understood that someone like Ace lived with values ​​that put his life in the background.. In the middle of 2023 one may still have mixed feelings about all of this, but there is no doubt that it is one of the greatest moments in the entire history of “One Piece.”

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