The author was VERY close to killing this important character

My Hero Academia“It has had great battles to date, some with truly remarkable developments but… it could not be said that it has had a death with serious consequences, unlike many of the best-known shonen. Yes, important characters have died in everything What we have seen of the anime to date, but not that it has been truly transcendental (or at least that is how I see it) in narrative terms. However, Horikoshi-sensei could have messed up like never before in the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

Horikoshi-sensei reveals his discarded intentions at Jump Festa 2024

It was during the “My Hero Academia” panel that one of the main narrative plans that Horikoshi-sensei planned for the original plot was revealed: kill Endeavor (via AnimeHunch).

  • After All Might’s retirement, Endeavor becomes UA’s number 1 hero and also continues to add relevance in narrative terms, both for his role fighting alongside Deku and other main heroes and for the entire family plot that surrounds him and Todoroki. 😉
my hero academia 4 endeavor
Endeavor’s relevance has constantly increased since he became the #1 hero
  • The truth is Endeavor’s death was going to come right at the beginning of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, but apparently as Horikoshi-sensei worked on the battle between Endeavor and the first elite-class Nomu that appeared he preferred to restructure his presence. 🤗
  • You have to think that the repercussions would have been noticed at all levels in My Hero Academia: Firstly it would have completely affected the restructuring of UA’s hero group once again, not to mention what it would have meant for someone like Todoroki.. It’s no exaggeration to say that if Horikoshi-sensei had killed Endeavor back then, many of the things we’ve seen more recently would have happened completely differently. 🤔

Endeavor’s death would have been a major event, there is no doubt about that, but personally I think that the death that should have occurred is that of All Might, either during his great battle against All for One or shortly after.. Obviously deaths are not always necessary in a plot to make it move forward, but characters like Luffy, Naruto or other more recent ones such as Tanjiro and Itadori have shown that these types of ‘traumas’ are magnificent platforms to mark a before and after. an after And you, would you like Horikoshi to have brought forward Endeavor’s death?

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