The baseball anime Boukyaku Battery shows its first trailer animated by MAPPA and dated for 2024

A new spokon will hit Japanese television with a story that will make us want to play baseball

Boukyaku Battery it’s a manga created by Eko Mikawa which has been published since 2016 on Shonen Jump+, the digital manga platform of Shueisha. With all this success achieved, the story will make a leap to television to have its own anime.

MAPPA will be the studio in charge of animating the beginning of the story of the Kotesashi school baseball club. The studio already published a 20-minute special in 2020 adapting part of the manga. This special was well received in Japan and shows that Mappa has been behind this sports manga for years.

The anime is announced to be released in April 2024. An exact date has not been given nor has it been revealed whether it will arrive on any platform in Spain or Latin America. It is still a very distant premiereas the date approaches we will have more news.

Synopsis Boukyaku Battery

Boukyaku Battery

Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname, former hitting geniuses, reunite with Taro Yamada at Kotesashi High School. Taro, after leaving baseball, discovers that Kei and Haruka also attend school. Aoi Todo and Shunpei Chihaya, prodigy players, are also there after abandoning baseball due to disappointment in love. These geniuses unexpectedly form a new baseball club and resume their path in this sport.

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