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The beloved VTuber Pikamee retires after controversy with the LGBT

amano pikamee is a Japanese VTuber affiliated with the agency VOMS Project. She is a very energetic girl, quite cheeky and usually laughs at the most insignificant things. Despite this, in real life she is very reserved and shy. She often jokes that she “has no friends”, although sometimes she also tells anecdotes about her friends.

Anyway, things with her were going as normal, until today he announced that he has requested to leave the agencyapparently following a controversy sparked after he went live announcing his plans to play the popular video game Hogwarts Legacy.

amano pikamee

Hogwarts Legacy It has sparked an avalanche of debates since its launch on February 10. Fans of the franchise Harry Potter have praised and criticized the title, largely due to comments from the author of the series, JK Rowlingabout trans people. Thus, after its release, many streamers have faced backlash just for playing the game.especially VTubers, who use anime-inspired virtual avatars to represent themselves on screen.

amano pikamee He gained a large following thanks to his cheerful personality and hilarious broadcasts. She, like many other streamers, decided to stream Hogwarts Legacy at launch, only to be met with a wave of criticism and harassment that ultimately led her to suspend activities for several weeks.

On March 1, 2023, the agency VTuber VOMS Project issued a statement via Twitter stating that amano pikamee he had decided to “graduate” from his organization. The statement goes on to explain that Pikamee will continue to broadcast until March 31, after which its content, affiliations, social networks, and products will no longer be available.

  • «We regret to inform you that Amano Pikamee, a member of our group, will graduate from the group and end their activities as of March 31, 2023. We have discussed it with Pikamee herself and, respecting her wishes, we have decided to ‘graduate’ her in a positive way.», says the statement.

Pikamee also uploaded a video to YouTube explaining the situation, in which he thanked the followers for the “love and sweet words” they had dedicated to him during his stay in VOMS Project. «I am so sorry to have surprised you in this way.“, said. «Despite all the sad things, I still have a month to go, so I hope we can have a lot of fun times.».

Of course, this whole situation has generated a wave of comments about it:

  • «For God’s sake, they can go to hell with the “transphobes” thing. Weirdos like you bullied Pikamee into resigning while calling everyone who played “Hogwarts Legacy” transphobic and now you’re trying to turn everyone down and rewrite history».
  • «Pikamee is going to graduate. This #HogwartsLegacyBoycott has been made by you, damn it, without a doubt. You can’t talk your way out of this, you fucking narcissists and abusers. Pikamee just wanted to play a silly wizard game. You pieces of trash had to attack her for it.».
  • «If you follow me and have ever bullied Pikamee, block me right now and go to hell. I hate you and I hope you have a shitty life».
  • «I’m really tired of internet people bro. Pikamee didn’t deserve any of this.».
  • «I only remember Pikamee as the VTuber who was bullied for playing Hogwarts Legacy, but has now decided to graduate from VMOS. It seems the influence of cancel culture cannot be underestimated.».
  • «Pikamee shared stories about being bullied at school for being different. She talked about being VTuber as the place where people accepted her and loved her. For her, graduating like this is the height of disrespect for the love and joy she brought to the world.».
  • «Pikamee graduates. Sad news. Now the “fans” want to intimidate ALL trans people for the actions of a small minority. Were they trans, allies or troll accounts? We do not know. Most people can’t stand death threats or bullying, but that’s the path they’re taking.».
  • «They made Pikamee retreat. Here I declare war on all of you, I swear».
  • «Pikamee is one of the only streamers I watch and donate if I can. I always end up happy when I visit her. And even that simple smile she makes my day by watching her stream. But neither can I be granted that because of a few loud obnoxious people who inhabit this damn social network. I’m sick of all of them».
  • «Japanese VTuber Pikamee resigns after being harassed by leftists in the West for playing Hogwarts Legacy. I can assure you that this alone has turned many fans who are apolitical away from supporting the Trans Movement because many of their “activists” destroyed their favorite VTuber.».
  • «The last thing Pikamee tried to do was play Hogwarts Legacy, and she was absolutely slammed by online activists for it. After being in the dark for a few weeks, she decided to stop broadcasting altogether. She turned to the English community for support, and was harassed into submission.».
  • «Bullied growing up in Japan for being half-American, she decides to target the English-speaking public in her VTuber run because she thought they would be nicer to her, harassed by the same public to quit. Forgive me Pikamee».
  • «As a bisexual black man I’m going to say this right now. To all the so called “LGBT Activists” who are making LGBT people like me and others look bad by harassing Pikamee and VTubers for playing Hogwarts Legacy. fuck off Sincerely, a bisexual black man».
  • «Pikamee didn’t even play and apologize and still get treated like crap. There is no line with you, do not lie. They say fuck our feelings? Fuck yours too. patience is over».

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