The Berserk anime (1997) will have a spectacular new remastered edition on Blu-ray

We agree that “Berserk“There has NEVER been an anime that really lives up to what it is as a work. Yes, it is true that the Memorial Edition has really high points, and yes, it is true that the anime of 1997 is saved as a small timeless treasure. However, no one has yet been able to capture Kentarou Miura’s work with the attention and continuity that Guts’ story deserves. That said, and especially if you are into romanticizing the past, then prepare to the new edition of the 1997 anime that is coming.

The classic Berserk anime returns to action with a facelift

First of all, let me leave you with a few images about what the announced edition of the “Berserk” anime (1997) will be:

And now yes, point all the details that have been confirmed about this new edition of the “Berserk” anime:

  • I have to start by saying that this is an edition of Discotek Mediaa company United Statesso at first it is assumed that this project will only remain in american territory. However, it should not be ruled out that some company in Spain decided to do the same (even so, I remind anyone who is interested that This Berserk anime is currently on Netflix). 😮
  • The edition includes the following content:
    • The 1997 Berserk anime Completely remastered in HD with two 2-disc Blu-ray.
    • The first Blu-ray disc includes episodes 1 to 13 and the second completes the anime with episodes 14 to 25.
    • The edition includes Japanese audio with English subtitles as well as an English dub produced after the original broadcast of the anime. Also included are extras that were presented in previous editions physics of Berserk (1997).
    • Although without an exact date at the moment, they plan to release this edition of Berserk in March 2024.

I’m going to throw out a piece of trivia that I don’t want absolutely ANYONE to take as a minimum confirmation of anything in particular, but I remember reading Selecta Visión that in the most recent edition of Manga Barcelona they were not going to present absolutely anything because they were preparing something very big for 2024. Along with the “Berserk” anime, Discotek Media also recently announced many other editions such as the original “Urusei Yatsura”, “MazinKaiser” and more. I’m NOT saying that that’s necessarily what the Spanish company is working on, but if we hope to see something like this same edition of “Berserk” in 2024… I think that’s where the shots have to go.

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