The best anime similar to Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite“has one of those protagonists who seem to go through everything and they use the tremendous power of your brain to leave 98% of the characters that accompany him stunned… who, by the way, like him, must ‘survive’ in a highly competitive context from which anyone would want to run away in a simple stage of secondary school. If any of these elements are what attract you to “Clasroom of the Elite”, then pay attention to the names that I am going to mention below.

Tomodachi Game

“Tomodachi Game” and “Classroom of the Elite” are similar in the ways they should be alike: both animes have a main character who always manages to be one step ahead of the rest of the characters, and the main action takes place between a group of teenagers who must constantly try to deceive the opponent to be rewarded… or suffer the consequences of their mistakes. Come on, if you like psychological ‘tug-of-war’ with a protagonist who at first doesn’t seem like much, you’ll inevitably like “Tomodachi Game” as well.


We continue with the protagonist who seems to go through everything but in reality it pulls more strings than a puppeteer. Of course, it must be said that while Ayanokouji is a sociopath of care that you never know where it will turn out in order to meet your objectives, Oreki uses his intelligence to resolve small inconsistencies in everyday life… and above all to satisfy Chitanda’s boundless curiosity.. In this case, “Hyouka” is a calmer, slower and more consistent bet on the human relationships between the characters than on the grandiose plans in the shadows à la Ayanokouji.

Oshi no Ko

But if we return to the line of the sociopath who will not hesitate to use whoever is necessary as a simple tool in order to achieve his greater goal, then “Oshi no Ko” will interest you. Because if you leave aside the whole issue of entertainment and business, In Aqua we also have that character who is more intelligent than the vast majority of those around him and who uses everyone to achieve each and every one of his goals. (maybe with a little more awareness in your case). Furthermore, like Ayanokouji, she seems to have little trouble winning the favor of the female characters.


In terms of personality, Yumeko seems to be the antithesis of practically all the Ayanokouji type protagonists; Most of the time he acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world, very innocently… until the betting starts. It is at that moment that Yumeko becomes a manipulative machine whose machinations will only come to light at the key moment in which the balance turns in its favor. Furthermore, the “Kakegurui” institute is one that, due to its circumstances, is also quite similar to that world of ‘devour or be devouredfeaturing “Classroom of the Elite.”

Assassination Classroom

I don’t believe that there is an Ayanokouji in “Assassination Classroom” or that the ‘tone’ of the anime is extremely similar to “Classroom of the Elite”, but I do believe that there is a point in which both works coincide: the context of your main class. In both animes we find a group of students who are relegated to the bottom of the positions at a prestigious schooland it will be through collective work (and the remarkable action of some specific individuals) that they will be able to progress in a way that absolutely no one could have anticipated.


I think with “Oregairu” I can make similar comments to “Hyouka”; yes, there is a here too main character who seems to be one step ahead of the rest, but in no case does it do so to control third parties or to meet personal objectives. Hachiman, the main male character of “Oregairu”, will use all the gray matter he has at his disposal in order to help those around him… but without wanting to get too involved because, how lazy people are.. Likewise, what also coincides with “Ayanokoji” is that she will eventually develop a kind of strange magnet for girls.

Are these all the animes in the world with a minimum of similarity to “Classroom of the Elite”? Well clearly not. I could also release other names like “Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts” or “Talentless Nana”, but in general I think that the animes that I have proposed in the list are mostly capable of capturing the main qualities that make “Classroom of the Elite” an absorbing anime for many. But come on, if anyone has better suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

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