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Dr Stone“has been one of the greats for years”hits‘ of the anime industry, and it does so by imprinting a fantastic passion on the concept of science that really very few works have dared to carry out in the sector. That is why I am convinced that more than one has asked themselves on some occasion Yes, perhaps there are animes of the same style, and although “Dr. Stone” is unique in its kind, there are alternatives that may be interesting to explore.

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Senku is a science patient who seeks to reconstruct a world lost in time through his extensive knowledge… and something similar happened with Myne, the protagonist of “Ascendance of a Bookworm.” Yes, it is true that there are marked differences between both characters, but if there is something that Myne shares with Senku, it is that They have at their disposal a wide range of knowledge that is NOT shared by those around them, which allows them to actively come up with inventions that generate progress while marveling others.. If you love watching Senku always come up with something new, then “Ascendance of a Bookworm” won’t disappoint.

7 Seeds

Okay, there is a LOT of difference in the tone of both series, since “7 Seeds” can be much more serious and dramatic than “Dr. Stone”, but if it is on this list it is for a reason. Basically, the main quality that both anime share is that They place a series of ‘elect’ in the position of having to ‘rebuild’ humanity. Indeed, the protagonists of “Dr. Stone” and “7 Seeds” find themselves with a panorama in which the majority of the world’s population has completely disappeared in one way or another, and it will be up to them to ensure that they can become to the normality that was enjoyed in the past.

Cells at Work!

One of the main qualities of “Dr. Stone” is that the anime really teaches you concepts and processes from the world of science in a very entertaining way. Well then, with “Cells at Work!” Exactly the same thing happens, only in this case we go from general science to specifically the human body. And the function of this anime is to present us with a series of small episodic plots with the cells of our bodies as protagonists. We can see what functions which cells have and how they fight against what type of bacteria, viruses and so on. They even reflect the harmful effects of consumption such as nicotine and alcohol! If you like the educational aspect of “Dr. Stone” as well as its comedic touch, then “Cells at Work!” It’s something you should give a chance to.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!

And what the hell does an isekai/fantasy story like “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!” with one like “Dr. Stone” that, although fanciful in its measure, seeks to throw a ray of logic into the world. Well, in the same objective that Senku and Rimuru share: shape a civilization. While Senku does it in order to restore humanity to its previous state, Rimuru does it in order to create a state in which monsters can live in the same conditions as humans or other races. Furthermore, given the fact that Rimuru is actually a human reincarnated in a civilization more backward than his, he also has a series of knowledge that provides him with strategic advantages similar to those of Senku..


Senku is a science nut, that becomes more than clear the minute you watch a few episodes of the “Dr. Stone” anime. Well, with Appare, the protagonist of “Appare-Ranman!”, you will find someone very similar. In his case, Appare is a lover of motor technology, and his knowledge allows him to modify and fix machinery in every way imaginable.. Furthermore, both shows agree that the gifted protagonist is accompanied by a second main character specialized in the use of muscle, so in that sense the duo acting as the core of the story is also quite close.

And that’s it for the recommendations I have to offer you regarding anime similar to “Dr. Stone”. If I had to add a couple of additional names perhaps I would do it with “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and “Steins;Gate”, because of how both shows rely on aspects of science and alchemy that may resonate quite a bit with what drives the actions of “Dr. Stone.” In any case, I think that with the recommendations that I have left you today you will have a good time watching anime.

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