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Noragami” is one of those peculiar cases in the anime industry in which you will find an adaptation that hits it wildly worldwide… only for it to remain completely frozen over time. Because in fact, it has been 9 years since the most recent season of the “Noragami” anime was released, and we have reached a point where it has occurred the end of the manga coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the premiere of the anime. Therefore, I want to leave you with a series of recommendations in case you enjoyed said anime at the time.

Kamisama Kiss

One of the main narrative components of “Noragami” is found in that unification of the human and spiritual worlds through a series of characters who act as a bridge. Well, in “Kamisama Kiss” we find that same wasteland of relationships between humans and gods that are responsible for moving the main plot forward. Both agree on the premise of ‘girl meets a divine entity and finds herself drawn to the epicenter of all kinds of interactions between higher beings‘, so if you enjoyed the character dynamics in “Noragami” you’ll probably enjoy the same with “Kamisama Kiss.”

Blue Exorcist

Yato fans will find in Rin, the protagonist of “Blue Exorcist”, to a mirror in which to reflect many of the aspects of the protagonist of “Noragami”. Starting with a physical appearance in which traits such as eye or hair color are repeated, and also continuing with the fact that both fight using swords that are quite special to their person. Furthermore, the two anime know how to combine the theme quite well. action-comedyso even though one is more from the realm of demons and the other from the gods, ultimately the sensations end up being quite similar.

soul eater

“Soul Eater” and “Noragami” are similar in one very specific way: both have main characters who fight using weapons… which are actually other transformed people. It is clear that this is a quality that is not usually found in animes, so since the action of both animes is so unique it is easy for one to remember the other. They do differ more in the section that “Noragami” focuses a lot on the component of the gods, but in the end both works end up betting on a fantasy that can give quite similar results.

Beyond the Boundary

We recover the theme of similes between spiritual worlds through “Beyond the Boundary”, an anime that in fact also delves deeply into the whole theme of apparitions and supernatural elements. Likewise, although I haven’t highlighted it in all cases, “Beyond the Boundary” also coincides with “Noragami” in the use of comedy to give some pause to the action between spirits, divine beings and so on. Oh and If the story of Yato’s past seems interesting to you, also pay attention to what they tell you in this anime.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Does it seem ridiculous to you that, being a god, Yato should make a living however he can? Well, “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” It’s going to seem the same to you. Because as the title of the anime itself reveals, one of the most curious elements of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” is that the king of demons himself will go to work on Earth in what amounts to the equivalent of a McDonald’s. I think that with this alone it is clear that the comedy component is similar to that of “Noragami”, and in case there are other types of doubts there are also moments of action (in this case involving demons and angels) that certainly give it a plus to the main story.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

One more time we once again unify the spiritual world with that of humansand in the case of “Toilet-bound Hanako-kun” it is done through a protagonist who, in his case, it is a ghost. Of course, all the interactions with the human girl occur in a very similar way to what we see in “Noragami”, from the points of humor to the light notes of romance that make the relationship between both characters a little more dynamic. Likewise, if you are also attracted by the fact that Yato has that ‘I do not know what‘ with whom you know that there is much more to his person than what appearances show, exactly the same will happen to you with Hanako-kun.

And in case you are interested in having more options at hand in case you consume everything related to “Noragami”, keep in mind options like “Blood Lad”, “Bakemonogatari” or even “Jujutsu Kaisen” if you are going more for the action theme with the supernatural. In any case, with the animes that I have mentioned you have “Noragami” material to bore you.

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