The best Kobeni Chainsaw Man cosplay, TikTok Kobeni 2022


Taking advantage of the fact that the content of this website is exclusively from Kobeni, I compiled some of the best cosplays of Kobeni Higashiyama from Chainsaw Man. Of course there are too many Kobeni cosplays and I will not be able to put all of them, the cosplays are linked to the author with their corresponding social network , unfortunately I didn’t find the author of some cosplay that seemed very good to me but I decided to add them despite that. I have seen that there are a lot of Kobeni Cosplay on TikTok, I will also add the ones that I like the most, I hope you enjoy this article.

That said, here are the best Kobeni cosplays in my opinion, I took into account some factors such as clothing, facial resemblance, photography, etc.


Best Kobeni Chainsaw Man TikTok Cosplay

It’s time for TikTok Cosplay, due to the great content of Kobeni Cosplay on TikTok maybe it’s a good idea to make another article specifically for TikTok cosplay, I guess I’ll do it and post it soon, meanwhile you can enjoy the following Kobeni Higashiyama cosplay on TikTok.

@lazyyfairyy KOBENI🖤I’m finally bringing back my best girl🥺 #kobeni #kobenicosplay #kobenihigashiyama #kobenihigashiyamacosplay ♬ Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire
@aguslaurentti for those who wanted to see a kobeni suffering 😥 #kobenicosplay #kobeni #chainsawman #chainsawmancosplay #fyp ♬ ena – ᴩыбнᴀя ᴧᴇᴨёɯᴋᴀ.
@uzileks kobenai moments 😀 also sweatshirt is from @wondereggco !! #kobeni #kobenicosplay #chainsawman #csm #chainsawmancosplay #HowIBathAndBodyWorks ♬ original sound – Rėnji
@kurohme teehee #kobeni#kobenihigashiyama#kobenicosplay#chainsawman ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 소짱 – 쏘왕자
@kurohme being short ruins all my outfits 💀💀 #kobeni#kobenihigashiyama#kobenicosplay#chainsawman ♬ Let Me See You Do It By DJ FlyKidd – eli
@pancito.cos quality -10, LOL MERRY CHRISTMAS #kobeni #kobenicosplay #chainsawman #chainsawmancosplay #kobenichainsawman ♬ original sound – 7k ?
@lazyyfairyy KOBENI💕hello csm enjoyers, how are u? Im so happy with my kobeni cos😊#kobeni#kobenicosplay#kobenihigashiyama#kobenihigashiyamacosplay#chainsawman ♬ Jump Up Super Star VGR Remix ft. Jenny – 𝑀𝑨𝑫𝑰𝑬 🍒
@icceteaa #kobeni #kobenicosplay #chainsawman ♬ original sound – 𝓽𝓲𝓪&lt33

What did you think of Kobeni’s cosplay on TikTok? I think everyone is amazing and I’m sure every TikToker puts a lot of effort into the video, some videos are very viral and you’ve probably seen some already, still I added a lot just in case, like I said I’ll do an article with more of these cosplay, check this website often, you will have the article soon, if you read this days after I have published it, it is surely already, I will recommend it right here.

Official Figure Chainsaw Man SHIBUYA


Kobeni will blow up the internet, The best Kobeni Chainsaw Man cosplay

I was very impressed by the amount of Kobeni Higashiyama cosplay, I had already seen a couple but now that I did the article I have been quite surprised, there are more than I imagined. I already want to see the amount of cosplay of Kobeni when the anime comes out, crazy. TikTok will explode from so much Chainsaw Man cosplay.

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