The Black Swordsman confirms when it will release its first trailer with a new image

This 2024 could be a very special year for the anime industry, and not only because we have confirmed the premiere of things like “Solo Leveling” or “Kaiju No. 8” at an official level, but because in the world of fan animation They are moving very big things. In particular, I think it is time to talk about Studio Eclypsea congregation of industry fans with some truly ambitious goals as can be”Berserk: The Black Swordsman”, that anime that honors the original work of Kentarou Miura as has not happened in the sector to date.

Studio Eclypse shares new image and information about its Berserk anime

Below I leave you with the new promotional image from “Berserk: The Black Swordsman” that Studio Eclypse has shared on their social networks:

berserk: the black swordsman
This is what the promotional poster for the Berserk anime by Studio Eclypse looks like

And on the other hand I’ll tell you a few things now. Things to note about “Berserk: The Black Swordsman”:

  • The great news that Studio Eclypse has shared about the Berserk: The Black Swordsman anime is that They intend to share the promotional trailer in early 2024. 😍
  • It must be remembered that the study mentioned at the time that They did NOT have an estimate regarding when they will release the anime in question. However, with this, thinking about 2025-2026 may be a real option. 🤔
  • Likewise, we must not forget that Studio Eclypse is also working on Attack on Titan: Requieman anime that aims to modify the events at the end of Hajime Isayama’s work, always trying to respect the author and the events that marked the future of the work.
  • At the time, about Berserk: The Black Swordsman, Studio Eclypse said the following: “This series touches many of us closely, and we want to create an adequate 2D adaptation that has been so denied in this mediumstarting from the beginning of everything“.

Honestly, there’s no better way to start 2024 than with the news that the most ambitious project ever created around “Berserk” seems to be moving forward at a good pace. Again, I must emphasize the fact that they have not officially given a release estimate, and also in previous communications they mentioned that they did not have as many team members as before. At the end of the day, we are talking about Studio Eclypse being a collective created by the mere love of the medium, since unlike official animes there is no funding from any committee involved. Having said all that, now we have to wait and see how they surprise us.

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