The Blue Lock anime will have Spanish dubbing from Spain

Blue Lock” has become one of the great successes of the manga and anime industry in recent years, especially with the manga itself being crowned as the best-selling work of all of 2023 in Japan. In addition, in 2024 the premiere of the movie “Blue Lock -Episode Nagi-” will take place, and as is well known, the second season of the anime has been in production for months. Well, not happy with all this, Crunchyroll has confirmed that we also have to wait for the Spanish dubbing from Spain.

Do you want to see Blue Lock again? Well now you can do it in Spanish

Below I leave you everything that Crunchyroll has said in its presentation at Manga Barcelona 2023 as well as through an official publication:

  • Obviously, the news of the moment is the confirmation by Crunchyroll that, in addition to the VOSE version of Blue Lock already available on the streaming platform, In the future it will also be possible to watch the anime in question with the respective dubbing into Spanish from Spain.. 😍
blue lock
If you haven’t seen Blue Lock yet because of the language barrier, this problem will be solved in 2024
  • As for when this Spanish version of Blue Lock will arrive, Crunchyroll specifies the following: “At the moment we do not have a date to calm your anxieties, but you now have one more reason to wait for 2024“. With at least this in mind, it seems possible to confirm that the dub will premiere sometime next year. 😎
  • I think one thing to keep in mind is that with the movie adapting the Nagi spin-off premiering in April, and potentially season 2 of the anime during the second half of the year, it’s possible to speculate that this dubbing should be available around summer 2024 but before (I emphasize that this is my speculation). 🤔

In conclusion, I can only say that dubbing an anime like “Blue Lock” into Spanish seems like a brutal success on Crunchyroll’s part. You only need to see the historical success of franchises like “Oliver and Benji” or “Inazuma Eleven” in our country, not to mention that football in itself is one of the greatest entertainments (and one that generates the most money) in Spain. Now, It only remains to be seen if this is only to mark the way for the second season of the anime to also arrive with its respective Spanish dubbing.

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