The Boy and the Heron is now Hayao Miyazaki’s second most viewed film in Spain, surpassing Princess Mononoke


One still remembers when “The Boy and the Heron“was forced to debut in Spain with a sad 86 theaters at its disposal, a fact that as the weeks have gone by seems to me to be an increasingly greater disdain for the feature film. Because as soon as the new film Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki began to make money, magically doubled in a very simple way the number of seats available, to the point of to be able to talk today about a feature film that has surpassed “Princess Mononoke”.

The Boy and the Heron has earned its own success in Spain

Below I leave you all the information they recently shared @A1varoLopez and @PauBox on the Spanish box office performance of “The Boy and the Heron”:

  • To begin with, what It was on November 18 that El Chico y la Garza left the top 10 at the Spanish box office for the first time since its debut.. There were a total of 22 consecutive days in it against all odds due to the initial conditions of its premiere. 😎
  • On the other hand, The Boy and the Heron has already generated a total of 1.2 million euros at the Spanish box office, with potential for 1.3 million and who knows if maybe a little more depending on how this evolution occurs. 😮
  • Likewise, with the data present The Boy and the Heron has already managed to surpass Princess Mononoke to become Hayao Miyazaki’s second most viewed film in Spain. Obviously, it can always be assessed that the premiere of Princess Mononoke took place under very different conditions due to the popularity of the anime, especially at the theater level, but even so, the reality is that The Boy and the Heron has not received treatment that would favor such a situation. performance. 😋

Honestly, I am very happy that this is the scenario that has been left for “The Boy and the Heron” after multiple weeks of broadcast. I still think that on a story level it is a fairly simple feature film as far as it goes, but Visually it seems to me that it presents some of the greatest achievements of Studio Ghibli in its entire career.. So, in case you haven’t seen “The Boy and the Heron” yet, I highly recommend giving it a chance now that it’s still available in theaters.

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