The castle through the looking glass comes to Movistar + before the cinemas

This anime film can now be seen on the platform, although it will not reach theaters in our country until April 5, which is still far away.

Platforms are usually a good place to watch anime movies, and even more so taking into account that Spanish cinemas usually give little or no space to this type of products. Without going any further, today I have spoken to you about a hidden gem in the Prime Video catalog. Now, I come to do it “The castle through the looking glass“.

We still have to release this film in theaters in Spain. Nevertheless, “The castle through the looking glass” can now be seen on Movistar +just like The companions of Ramen Para Dos have collected. I tell you everything in more detail below.

The castle through the looking glass poster

The Castle Through the Looking Glass is now available in Spain

This is all the information about it:

  • The castle through the looking glass“will hit theaters next 5th of April. 🗓
  • However, the followers most eager to see it will be happy to know that It is now available on Movistar +. ✅
  • That is, from now on all customers who are subscribed to the company’s relevant services can enjoy it. Those of us who are not from Movistar can also access it through Movistar Plus+, an independent platform that has a price of €14 per month. 👀
  • The movie brings it to us Select Visionand we can enjoy it with its three usual audio options: Spanish, Catalan and VOSE. 🗣
  • Personally, I’m quite surprised that the distributor has decided to release the feature film on a platform so many months before its arrival in theaters. 🤔
  • Surely it is, I think, because They do not expect to achieve a very abundant box office in cinemas. ❓
  • If this is the reasoning of Select Vision, it would seem very accurate to me. And, as I have said before and unfortunately, There are probably few cinemas that decide to show the film., and its number of sessions will be quite low. 😞
  • Although nothing is known yet, it does not seem unreasonable to think that the feature film may end up reaching other platforms, like Prime Video. ❓
  • Here I leave you the trailer in Spanish of the movie and a link to see “The Castle Through the Looking Glass” on Movistar +.

And here comes the information about the arrival of “The Castle Through the Looking Glass” to Movistar +. Of course, great news for anime fans, who we can enjoy the film sooner than expected.

Before finishing, I would like to ask you… are you happy with the news? Or are you sorry that an exclusive release for cinemas has not been confirmed? I read you in the comments!

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