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When I think about sleeves with overwhelming illustrations, the kind that take your hiccups away due to their level of detail and their use of ink, some names come to mind that you probably know. Berserk, Vagabond, Slum Dunk, One Punch Man and Vinland Saga are perhaps the best examples. All of these works are well known worldwide. However today I want to talk about another one that I consider to be too underrated: The Climber.

I myself was unaware of the existence of this manga until a few days ago. While browsing X I came across a panel that left me totally amazed and that, despite not having any type of context about its history, transmitted very strong emotions to me. After a little research I found out that it was an illustration from The Climber, and now I really want to start reading it, and I’ll explain why.

The Climber, a manga about climbing and loneliness

the climber panel
  • The Climber It is a manga written and illustrated by Shinichi Sakamoto (Innocent, Innocent Rouge) which was published between 2007 and 2010📚
  • This work tells the story of Buntaro Moria selfless high school student who, after accepting his classmate’s challenge, decides to climb the school building😯
  • Despite being aware that any mistake could end his life, Upon reaching the top, Mori experiences a sensation of satisfaction unprecedented in his life.; and this emotion is what motivates him to become interested in climbing🧗🏻‍♂️💙
  • After this, the protagonist begins a series of expeditions in which the goal is to climb to the top of increasingly higher mountains; It would seem that we are facing a spokon manga focused on the sport of climbing, but The Climber is much more than that…

According to what I read among the fans of this manga by Sakamoto-sensei, we are facing a story that would be framed within the genre of psychological drama. Throughout his expeditions, Mori experiences numerous experiences that make both him and the reader himself reflect. We are facing a work that addresses such complex topics as loneliness, isolation, determination and personal improvement from the perspective of a young climber.

Where can you read The Climber in Spain?

If after reading this article you have the same desire as me to read this manga, below I will indicate how you can read it in Spain.

  • The Climber It is not available on any online platform like Manga Plus.❌❌
  • Fortunately, yes can be enjoyed through the volumes in physical format distributed by Milky Way Editions✅✅
  • The series is made up of 170 chapters compiled in 17 volumesand at the moment it is possible to buy the first 6 through stores like fnac either Norma Comics👍🏻
  • It is expected that little by little the following will be published until the work is finished📅
Volumes of The Climber

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