The creator of Parasyte recommends Fortuna, one of the most unknown mangas of 2023

Parasyte” was at the time a bombshell in the concept of horror and science fiction in anime, representing a truly unique alien story in the sector. That is why many have since become familiar with its original creator, Hitoshi Iwaakiwho actually shaped the manga in 1989 even though the anime debuted in 2014. Now it is not a question that Iwaaki-sensei has left us with a new manga, but with a recommendation in your name.

Fortuna is the manga you haven’t heard of but Hitoshi Iwaaki thinks you should read

Next I leave you with all the information that you should take into account about this recommendation from the author of “Parasyte” (via MangaMogura):

  • Basically, Fortuna is about a short manga that was published in 2023, with only 2 volumes (the most recent was released on November 10). 😮
  • The manga comes in the name of Shinyou Jakuchuu, a mangaka whose only registered work today is precisely Fortuna. Not bad that the only known creation of him has already been recognized by an author like the creator of Parasyte. 😉
  • Likewise, it must be said that Fortuna is a manga by Seinen demographicsso in the same way that Parasyte is oriented to a somewhat more adult audience not the predominant Shonen. 🤔

What is the Fortune manga about?

Fortuna tells the story of a man who is insulted and feared as if he were a monster because of how ugly he is. Said man lives secluded in the depths of the forest, with a group of wolves, until one day he encounters a blind girl who has been abandoned by a bunch of thieves.

Obviously, the reason why I talk about “Fortuna” as an unknown manga is not because I want to disrespect the author, far from it, but because especially at the international level it is mostly an almost invisible work. On portals such as MAL, AniList or MangaUpdate, which are the main sources of the manga sector in the West, there is hardly any information about the work of Shinyou Jakuchuu. But who knows, maybe the recommendation from the author of “Parasyte” was just what he needed to start making himself known.

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