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The Dangers in My Heart continues to excite fans — Kudasai

This article includes spoilers for the manga “Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu (The Dangers in My Heart).” Reader discretion is advised.

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the manga Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu (The Dangers in My Heart) has been attracting attention with each new chapter thanks to the fact that the current plot arc seems to be leading the young couple towards the path of sexual relations. As we have already described, in this arc Anna Yamada, Kyotaro Ichikawa and company embark on a study camp, which means that they will be living a few days together without adult supervision.

The Dangers in My Heart

Yamada and Ichikawa are already a couple at this point in the story, and when they arrive at the place where they will stay, Ichikawa ends up finding a condom on the floor. Although the main suspicion is that it was left there by those who occupied the house before them, the possibility that one of the girls, specifically Anna Yamada, took it has not yet been ruled out.

The Dangers in My Heart

While Ichikawa analyzes the origin of the condom, the group has decided to go to the beach before extra classes begin. However, Ichikawa drops the condom on the beach (since, for some reason, she decided not to get rid of it along the way). When he notices that it’s no longer in his pocket, he finds it quite far from the route he had walked, so he assumes that one of the girls picked it up and threw it away for some reason.

The unknowns continue to accumulate within the history of this popular manga, and the comments from the fan community were immediate:

  • «I think this is going too fast».
  • «If the condom was lost, I guess they would have gone for unprotected sex without hesitation.».
  • «This is just a responsible citizen keeping the beach clean. There’s nothing suspicious going on here.».
  • «Ichikawa will remember this for the rest of his life. Good luck and I hope the author doesn’t ruin what she’s building.».
  • «I’m not religious, but I’m really praying for this guy.».
  • «Let me get this straight, you picked it up and for some reason never threw it in the trash and didn’t tell anyone about what you found? I think things are being exaggerated too much by the author.».
  • «If this is a precautionary measure, why do they look at it so badly?».
  • «So he dropped it and someone picked it up and threw it back somewhere, I don’t understand anything».
  • «Yamada’s innocence in this manga makes my heart melt with pure happiness. I guess the condom is just to keep the manga relevant for a while.».
  • «Ah, youth. When having a condom was a source of shame».
  • «Hmmm, I think the new chapters are too short and don’t advance the story at all. The condom thing was interesting at first, but I think the author doesn’t know how to extend it any further. As always, Yamada is the cutest of all».
  • «What is all this unnecessary drama? Just go straight to sex and that’s it.».

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