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The Dangers in My Heart ends, but without sequel announced — Kudasai

Today the final episode of the second season of “The Dangers in My Heart (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu)”, one of the most popular and best-rated series of the season Winter-2024 (January-March). The work of the studios Shin-Ei Animation has been widely congratulated by fans, who appreciated the good adaptation work and the constant quality that was delivered with each of the episodes.

This final episode was accompanied by an illustration by the author Sakurai Ferris wheelwho wrote:

  • «Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for watching the first and second seasons of the anime “The Dangers in My Heart”. I would also like to thank and congratulate all the crew members, the cast, the artists and everyone who has participated. Thank you very much for this valuable experience. This work started with the idea that it would be great if something like this happened somewhere in the world. I would be happy to shed some light on Ichikawa and Yamada around the world. The original work, or rather the lives of the two of them, has only just begun, so please follow the original work with affection. See you!».
The Dangers in My Heart

Although there was no announcement of a third season, fans on social media claim that this is because there is no longer enough content (so far) to produce a continuation. This second season adapted up to Chapter 113 of the original manga, and has currently been published up to Chapter 141. Although it can be argued that “an anime takes about three years to produce,” the committee cannot risk starting production without enough content, since the manga could be discontinued at any time.

And of course, the comments from Internet users were immediate:

  • «Ah, this is the perfect ending. I really wouldn’t like it to have a third season.».
  • «Weren’t they already dating? How come there was barely a confession?».
  • «No matter how you look at it, it’s totally unrealistic for a girl like Yamada to notice someone like Ichikawa.».
  • «There is no trace of the old Yamada in the current one, she is just a sexual object nowadays».
  • «It was a good final episode, extremely cute. I think it would be a good ending for the whole project, not to continue».
  • «Ah, there will be no third season, but I feel satisfied».
  • «It doesn’t look like there will be a third season.».
  • «It was a good final episode and the ending was wonderful».
  • «It was a pretty perfect anime, I loved it».
  • «The final episode seemed like a movie to me, it was spectacular».
  • «With what remains of the manga, the only thing left to do is produce a movie».
  • «It will surely take several years until the original manga advances and accumulates new chapters, so this is the perfect ending».

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