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The Dangers in My Heart is dominating this season — Kudasai

Although some have criticized that the season of Winter-2024 (January-March) is boring and has little to offer, others point out that it has been a nice respite from previous seasons. However, it seems that there is a series that remains dominant according to the popular media’s popularity lists. Anime Trending. This is the second season of “The Dangers in My Heart (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu)”, which has remained at the top of the list for five consecutive weeks.

And if it seems to you that five weeks is relatively little, it turns out that that is how long the Winter-2024 season lasts, five weeks. This means that the love story between Anna Yamada and Kyotaro Ichikawa has dominated the first position throughout the current season. What a surprise!

The Dangers in My Heart

But that’s not all, from “The Dangers in My Heart (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu), “Anna Yamada x Kyotaro Ichikawa” has also remained the “Best Couple” During two weeks; “Anna Yamada” as “Best Female Character” During two weeks; and “Kyotaro Ichikawa” as “Best Male Character” During two weeks.

As this second season remains on air and heads toward some of the most anticipated moments for manga connoisseurs, will it continue to stay on top in the coming weeks? Fans were quick to react to this news:

  • «A great anime with the best characters I’ve ever seen!».
  • «Gosh, I never expected The Dangers in My Heart to be this good».
  • «It’s not that it’s that good, it’s that this season is boring as fuck. The first season of The Dangers in My Heart was better».
  • «Absolutely superior this season, except for Sousou no Frieren, which is on another level».
  • «Well it was clear that he would take first position, it’s not like there was anything interesting this season».
  • «I still can’t believe this series wasn’t nominated at the Crunchyroll Awards».
  • «As mid as could be. I have no idea how he’s getting first place every week.».
  • «A character that looks like a small, lazy, weak man is the most popular among women. I don’t understand today’s tastes».
  • «Very nice and all, but they will surely end when they reach high school».
  • «This series didn’t surprise me with its first episode, so I wasn’t interested in watching it.».
  • «Personally, I think Ichikawa is even cuter than Yamada».
  • «When they become a couple, the story will stop being a romantic comedy. That is why the declaration usually becomes the end of a story».
  • «It’s interesting, but it’s not very realistic, so I can’t empathize with that story. A model girl who is completely stupid to notice the things around her. She is the stereotype of the pretty girl who is an idiot.».
  • «I haven’t seen anything from the second season, but has there been any progress since then?».

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