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The Dangers in My Heart surprises with romantic visual — Kudasai

After the broadcast of today’s episode, the production of the anime adaptation of “The Dangers in My Heart (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu)” revealed a special visual recreating the episode’s key scene. The visual shows the moment when Yamada expresses his feelings for Ichikawa for the first time, while he secretly listens to him.

The Dangers in My Heart

In fact, this visual is parallel to one revealed after the broadcast of the sixth episode of the first season, which showed the moment in which Ichikawa realized his feelings for Yamada.

This second season is currently broadcast and is confirmed with a total of thirteen episodes. For its part, Sakurai Ferris wheel manga publication began The Dangers in My Heart through the service Cross Sleeve from the publisher Akita Shoten in March 2018.

Production team

  • Hiroaki Akagi (Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!) is in charge of directing the anime at the studios Shin-Ei Animation.
  • Jukki Hanada (Steins;Gate, No Game No Life, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!) is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Masato Katsumata (Mahoutsukai no Yome, Go-toubun no Hanayome, Grisaia: Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION) is in charge of character design and animation direction.
  • Kensuko Ushio (Koe no Katachi, Chainsaw Man, Boogiepop wa Warawanai) is in charge of composing the soundtrack.

Synopsis of The Dangers in My Heart

Kyoutaro Ichikawa may look like your typical high school student, but in his heart he dreams of murder. So it’s no surprise that the person he most wants to kill is never far from his mind: class idol Anna Yamada. Reading alone in the library of her beloved school, he begins to accidentally encounter Yamada, who comes to secretly gorge on her beloved candy. Through her interactions, Ichikawa discovers how foolish Yamada is, and can’t help but support her from the sidelines. Meanwhile, Yamada herself can’t help but relentlessly mock Ichikawa because of her giddy reactions. Through a series of heartwarming everyday interactions, the distant bond between the two becomes more than just library acquaintances. Perhaps, in time, Ichikawa will come to realize that his murderous desires have become something else entirely.

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