The Darwin incident goes on hiatus


The Darwin incident goes on hiatus

This year’s March issue of the magazine Monthly Afternoons announces that the manga The Darwin Incident enter to pause because its author, shun umezawa, is recovering from his health problems. At the moment, no date has been given for the return of the work to the pages of the monthly magazine of kodansha. The fifth volume of the series will be released in Japan on 23 of March.

Shun Umezawa writes and illustrates this seinen manga that bears the original title Darwin Jihen from June 25, 2020 on the pages of the magazine Monthly Afternoons of kodansharemaining open today in Japan with 4 compilation volumes. The fourth volume went on sale in the Japanese market last summer. The work was in tenth position in the ranking Kono Manga ga Sugoi! of takarajimasha in 2022 and won the excellence price in the 25th edition of the Japan Media Arts Festival. Also that same year, he won the prize for best manga in the fifteenth edition of the Manga Taisho Award.

the sleeve of The Darwin Incident is published in Spain by Manga District. The publisher began publishing this work by Shun Umezawa in June 2022 and has so far published the first four volumes of the series. In the following link you can read the review made by the website of this manga title (click here to read it).

An animal group called the Animal Liberation Alliance raids a biological research laboratory to rescue the first primate in history who will give birth to a human-chimpanzee hybrid. Fifteen years have passed and Charlie’s adoptive parents, that’s how the humancé was baptized, decide that he should go to high school like any boy his age. There he meets Lucy, an intelligent but misfit young woman with whom he will soon become good friends. However, the ALA has other plans for Charlie and will not hesitate to attack New York City to fulfill his twisted purpose…

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