The detail that makes Ash and Serena’s story even more romantic

The original Pokémon anime ended, and has given way to a new series: “Pokémon Horizons“However, I recently wrote an article in which I theorized about the different possibilities of seeing Ash and Pikachu again. Because I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know. How the life and adventures of our eternal protagonist continue.

Furthermore, we can consider that there are several issues that the classic series has not completely closed. For example, a possible love relationship between Ash and Serena. Because there a detail that makes the story of these two characters even more romanticand that leaves me looking forward to a future reunion.

anime Pokemon Ash and Serena as children
Ash and Serena met when they were little.

Ash and Serena: The coincidence that makes their story more beautiful

First of all, let’s do a little review of the history of both characters:

  • When she was little, Serena traveled from Kalos to Pallet Town to attend a summer camp taught by Professor Oak. Over there, agreed with Ashwho also participated in this activity. When she met him, she fell in love with him., getting a precious memory that would accompany her for years to come. ❤️
  • Much later, Ash had become a full-fledged Pokémon Trainer, and his travels took him to the Kalos region. There, he met Serena again.. While the young woman was very excited… he didn’t remember her. 💔
  • In this way, Ash and Serena shared a long trip through the Kalos region (which Lem and Clem also signed up for). In the course of the adventure, It became clear that Serena was in love with Ash., and tried to shorten the distance with our protagonist, who… didn’t find out anything. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • The series left us several very beautiful moments between them, but the relationship of the two protagonists It didn’t go beyond a strong friendship. Saying goodbye to Ash, Serena gathered her courage and kissed him., giving us one of the most legendary moments of the entire series. ⭐️
  • Ash and Serena’s story would have a second part in “Definitive Pokémon Journeys”, since both met again in Calagua City (Hoenn). Our protagonist was on a boat and Serena was on the the reunion was short lived and only lasted for a few words before the ship sailed (I leave you a link so you can watch this episode on Netflixabout the minute 19:20). 🌊

  • Now that we have done a brief review, I leave you with the curious and, in a way, romantic fact: Ash and Serena have never separated voluntarily.. ❗️
  • On the trip to Kalos, during the kiss, It is the escalators on which the young woman is that are responsible for keeping them away. (you can remember it in the video I leave a little above). ✅
  • At the reunion in Ciudad Calagua, The departure of the ship is what separates the two protagonists. 🛳
  • So I wonder… Will we see Ash and Serena again? If there is no element that separates them… Could we finally have a romantic relationship between them? Only time has the answer. 🤞🏻
Pokemon Ash and Serena anime
Ash and Serena met again in Calagua City, although it was a reunion that was short-lived.

And here comes this review and curious fact about Ash and Serena’s relationship in the Pokémon anime. What do you think about it? Do you think we will see these two protagonists again and that we will have a romantic relationship? I invite you to comment on it in the comments.

Before finishing, I remind you that the broadcast of the new Pokémon anime is more advanced in Japan than in the rest of the territories. This has allowed us to see a curious nod from “Pokémon Horizons” to the Ash seriesand in this story it appears in the middle the famous Porygon episode.

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