The Dungeon Meshi anime is almost finished, and that is great news

Dungeon Meshi“It is being one of the best anime of winter 2024, something that personally does not surprise me, and much of its success is due not only to the good chemistry of its characters but also to the magnificent production work of Trigger. Also known for other projects such as “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” or “Promare”, Trigger has been one of the leading studios in terms of anime production in Japan for years, and with “Dungeon Meshi” it seems that everything will continue as well as it has until now.

Trigger, with a wonderful schedule to be able to work on the Dungeon Meshi anime

He has been the insider @MappleYellovv which has confirmed some very good news about the “Dungeon Meshi” anime that I will explain to you below:

  • Basically, the insider indicates that Trigger is currently working on the final episode of the Dungeon Meshi animethis being neither more nor less than number 24. 🤯
Dungeon Meshi Chilchack
Good planning has been key for Dungeon Meshi to be working so well
  • Currently, the Dungeon Meshi anime is about to air episode 7, which means that Trigger is 17 weeks ahead of schedule, or what is the same: they have created the Dungeon Meshi anime with around 4 months of margin before the broadcast. 🥰
  • The only thing that can be said about this is that it is impeccable work by the studio as well as a magnificent calendar layout. The technical level of Dungeon Meshi is, as I say, one of the highlights of the production, and with this news it is clear that there will be no ups or downs until the end of the broadcast. 🤗
  • It is impossible to see a scenario like this and not automatically think of what we experienced just a few months ago with MAPPA and the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Because it is true that the second season was spectacular on a visual level, but it is no less true that it also ended up being considered hell for those involved in its production. 😅

Honestly, it feels very good to know that you are enjoying a great anime and that those who have worked on it have been able to do so under conditions that, given what has been seen in the sector, are really a pleasure. Likewise, I will highlight that the insider also comments that Trigger is ready to face any new future project. In this sense, I will remember that the studio is committed to “Inferno Cop 2” and a completely new “Panty and Stocking” anime“, so the next thing we will most likely see from them will be one of those two productions.

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