The Dungeon Meshi anime, the latest from the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners studio, confirms its duration

Dungeon Meshi” is definitely one of the animes to follow closely when it premieres in January 2024, and for several reasons: to begin with because it has a studio like Triggerwhich over the years has left projects of brutal caliber such as “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”, “Promare” or the “SSSS” franchise.; Likewise, there is also the part that it is an anime fantasy with a lot of hunger for cooking, and personally that’s something I love. Today, they arrive juicy news.

Dungeon Meshi will have its anime broadcast for a good handful of months

Has been SugoiBingusthe well-known anime insider, the one who left the information regarding the extension that the anime will have from “Dungeon Meshi” in its first season:

  • What SugoiBingus reports on this occasion is that The Dungeon Meshi anime will debut with a total of 24 episodes for its first season. 😍
dungeon meshi
Dungeon Meshi will bring food, humor and magnificent animation in equal parts
  • Likewise, with all logic, These 24 episodes will be broadcast in 2 different parts. Of course, the good thing is that you won’t have to wait anything at all since both parts will be broadcast consecutively. 😎
  • This implies that while the anime will start in January 2024 during a date yet to be determined, will not stop adding a new episode week by week until we reach July of next year (maybe at most with a week of rest for the transition from winter to spring). 😉
  • The original Dungeon Meshi manga was completed with a total of 14 volumes and 97 chapters released. With a first season of 24 anime episodes, it seems logical to imagine that a good part of the work will be adapted, although in no case will its end be reached. With this in mind, if the anime really succeeds, It is possible that the announcement of a second season will not take too long to wait, being a complete work. 😚

The truth is, lately I think the theme of cooking in anime appeals to me more than ever. It is a viewing that relaxes you and that simply makes you want to eat, which, as far as possible, does not seem like a bad necessity to me. But joking aside, the truth is that The “Dungeon Meshi” manga has a magnificent reputation, and despite having gone a good handful of years without anime (it started in 2014) its sales have not been bad at all. That’s why, Studio Trigger’s anime may be just what he needs to make his name truly well-known.

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