The Elusive Samurai introduces us to its characters in its first trailer

This story, which shares an author with Assassination Classroom, will premiere its anime sometime next year 2024

With 2023 practically over, we are becoming quite clear about the anime release schedule for 2024. This includes the return of such good series as “My Hero Academia” either “Kimetsu no Yaiba“, but also highly anticipated debuts like those of “Solo Leveling” either “Elusive Samurai“.

Today, I come to talk to you precisely about the latter. And it is that “Elusive Samurai” has left us with its first trailer and a promotional imagejust like has collected AIR. I’ll leave you the trailer right now, and below I’ll talk a little about the series and show you the image. Let’s get to it!

Details about The Elusive Samurai, one of the most anticipated anime of 2024

This is all the information about it:

  • The anime of “The Elusive Samurai“will premiere in 2024. 🗓
  • The fact that we still do not know a more specific window seems to indicate that will be out in the second half of the year. ❓
  • But… why does this anime arouse so much interest? Mainly, for two reasons. 👀
  • One is that the story is by the same author as “Assassination Classroom”, one of the best anime of recent years. 🖋
  • The other is that The studio that is going to make the series is CloverWorks, which is one of the most prominent on the current scene. His works include “Spy x Family”, “Horimiya” and “Akebi’s Sailor Uniform”. 🎨
The Elusive Samurai poster
New image of this long-awaited series

And here comes the information about the premiere of the anime “The Elusive Samurai”. What do you think of this anime? Do you want to see it? I invite you to answer these questions in the comments, since Let’s talk about when it could be released. I personally bet on summer.

Before finishing, I leave you an article that may interest you after reading this news. And perhaps you have been bitten by the bug of “Assassination Classroom“. If so, I leave you an article that explains the different options to watch this anime in full (by the way, if I keep typing your title I’m going to wear out the letter S on my keyboard).

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