The Elusive Samurai specifies its release date: it will arrive in summer

The new CloverWorks anime will be one of the highlights of the next summer season, as it will begin in July

The winter anime season is coming to an end. This means saying goodbye to great anime like “Frieren”, “Solo Leveling” or “The Apothecary Diaries”. Nevertheless, the spring season is about to start. This will be followed the summer oneto which he will join “The Elusive Samurai“.

Yes, you read correctly. Although it was an unknown, we finally know the premiere window of the anime of “The Elusive Samurai”according to the information collected by Sugoi LITE. Below I tell you everything we know so far, and why you would do well to look forward to this series.

The Elusive Samurai already has a release window

This is all the information about it:

  • The Elusive Samurai“will premiere next july (probably one of the first days of the month, as it is the most common). 🗓
  • It looked like it was going to arrive in the second half of 2024, so the result has been the best possible. ❤️
  • This means that the series will be one of the great premieres of the summer season, which starts that same month of July. 🏖
  • One of the reasons to look forward to this anime is that the story is from the author of “Assassination Classroom”, one of the best anime of recent years (well, it depends who you ask). 🐙 🔫
  • As if this were not enough, Those in charge of the series are CloverWorks. This is one of the most valued studies on the current scene, thanks to works such as “Spy x Family” either “Horimiya“. 🎨
The Elusive Samurai poster

And here comes the information about the release window for “The Elusive Samurai”. What do you think? Do you want to see this anime? I invite you to give your opinion in the comments. The truth is that, with what they have shown us so far, it looks very good. Let’s hope it turns out well.

Of course, this story aims very high. And his sleeve was awarded at the prestigious Shogakukan Awards at the beginning of the year. We’ll see if the animated adaptation manages to captivate the public in the same way.

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