The end of manga publishers? Japan believes that in 2028 it will be able to publish worldwide thanks to AI

An interview reveals that in 2018 Japan’s publishers established a quite disturbing 10-year plan

The manga industry is one that has managed to survive the vast digitalization process that the entertainment world has been exposed to in recent years (and has even managed to enter it). Whether because of the love of paper or simply the desire to support and collect works, selling manga is one that works, and licenses for all kinds of works do not stop making their way to markets around the world. But, What if Japan had been able to manage all this on its own for years? What if international manga publishers are doomed to failure?

A disturbing interview seems to put international manga publishers in check

It has been the medium lanternute (via MangaMogura) who interviewing Stephane Beaujeanpublishing director Dupuishas found a truly striking piece of information:

  • First of all, it must be said that the interview occurs as a result of an agreement between the French publishing house Dupuis and Kadokawa, the well-known Japanese company. But what is truly interesting is the reason for this agreement, which more than a licensing commitment is actually a kind of professional association. 🤔
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What will happen to all those who work to localize the manga that arrives from Japan?
  • Stéphane Beaujean thus explains that this movement is due to a conference he attended in Japan in 2018, and in which it was stated that By 2028, most Japanese publishers had a great goal to meet: managing all the publications of their works both nationally and internationally. 😶
  • How do they intend to do something like that? It is Japan’s belief that By using Artificial Intelligence, by 2028 they will be able to translate, publish and distribute all kinds of works into any language in just a matter of minutes.. And obviously, this poses a tremendous danger for national publishers. 😣
  • You have to think that in Spain we have a good number of publishers like Ivrea, Milky Way, Planet and more who work side by side with translators to ensure that the best possible translations of Japanese manga land.. If the time really came when Japan simply chose to use AI for all these tasks, then the domestic market would be severely affected. 😔

Obviously, At this point, the Japanese publishers have not announced anything definitively in this regard, so it does not seem that there is an imminent danger.. However, it is a potential reality that is worth monitoring, and that above all should encourage associative agreements such as the one promoted by Stéphane Beaujean with the Dupuis and Kadokawa brand. As always, there is no tool that is bad by nature, but it remains to be seen what use Japan ends up making of Artificial Intelligence.

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