The ending of the anime is almost ready for broadcast, will it live up to expectations?

The ending of the anime of “Haikyuu!!“starts with its first film this coming month of February… obviously if one is a resident of Japan. In fact, the citizens of the country of the rising sun will have the opportunity in a matter of weeks to enjoy the first step in the resolution of the story of Hinata, Kageyama and the rest of the members of Karasuno. With such an important moment around the corner it is to be expected that Production IG have everything under control, especially when expectations are logically through the roof.

The first of the films for the end of Haikyuu!!, close to completing all its production

He has been the insider @MappleYellovv which has offered interesting information about the state of the first feature film at the end of the “Haikyuu!!” anime:

  • Basically, the insider has broken his silence today to explain that the first of the two movies for the end of the Haikyuu anime!! It entered the post-production phase at the beginning of this month of January. 😮
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The end of the Haikyuu anime!! It has many people waiting for its premiere
  • Honestly, at first it seems like news to me. somewhat disturbing, and if we go to the cinema section this is something that usually takes a minimum of 3 months, obviously depending a lot on the type of production that is being carried out. 🤔
  • On the other hand, it is clear that anime and film creation differ in many ways, and obviously in the anime industry there is not a single project whose production process is exact to another. As explained years ago in ANNthe usual thing is An anime has several teams of animators that rotate in order to advance work on multiple episodes within the same show. Likewise, the most ambitious anime may even require a single episode to be worked on for a total of 3 months. Similarly, in the most extreme cases there are episodes that occur after only 4-5 weeks of work..
  • What is clear is that it is impossible to make a value judgment about the state of the first of the films because of the end of Haikyuu!! when we have barely seen anything, but I am not going to deny it, with the premiere scheduled for February 16 I didn’t expect to read something like this at this point. 😅

Although what has been said may seem like there is room to get nervous, the truth is that @MappleYellovv explain what Most films in the anime industry today tend to have deadlines very similar to those of the “Haikyuu!!” film.. What is there to understand with this? Although they should not be ideal for animators, they are usually sufficient for the feature film to be broadcast under the desired conditions. In any case, there are only about 3 weeks left until the first impressions begin to arrive about the first of the feature films that will say goodbye to the “Haikyuu!!” anime.

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