The famous Otamatone synthesizer inspires an anime

The famous Otamatone synthesizer inspires an anime

The company Maywa Denkiresponsible for the range of synthesizers otamatoneannounces at a press conference that he will be in charge of producing a “sound-focused anime”. The title of this new series is otamatoon and it is about the first production company cheer. As for the realization, as it has been observed in the presentation, the real synthesizers will be used as a animatronics controlled by computer in real time.

Few more details are known about this production apart from the concept and the characters involved, however, Maywa Denki confirms that coming soon will report on more details about this musical series.

During the announcement, they have shown the electronic instruments that will be part of the cast from the series. Below we break down the characters:

  • Otamaton (left), a synthesizer full of curiosity, always looking forward to meeting characters that make a unique sound.
  • knockman (center), a diligent and hard-working instrument with an exciting rhythm.
  • chiririn (right), an assertive and intelligent percussion instrument.
  • Chan (left), an instrument with cymbals that fails most of the time but always puts itself together thinking “don’t worry about it”.
  • Beromin (center), an instrument that likes to do things its own way and is also capable of producing low and low sounds.
  • Pororon (right), the group’s alma mater, performs with acrodes.

The story of this anime revolves around Otamatōn, an instrument moved by his great curiosity who is always looking for instruments with unique sounds to make music with them. To him they are his “Oto-modachi” or “sound friends”.

Fountain: ANN

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