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The film Kagami no Kojou revealed its second promotional video



In the official media for the anime film adaptation of the novel «Kagami no Kojou» (Lonely Castle in the Mirror) the second promotional video of the film has been revealed in which a fragment of the main song is shown «Merry Go Round«, which will be interpreted by the artist «Yuri«.

Kagami no Kojou – Official Trailer 2

Additionally, the production committee on the company’s official YouTube channel «shōchiku» a special five-minute video for the film has been released Kagami no Kojouwhich describes the story and features some comments from the film’s voice actors and the director Keichi Hara.

It should be noted that the film Kagami no Kojou is scheduled to be released in theaters in Japan on December 23 this year and will be produced by the animation studio A-1 Pictures.

Voice Cast Members:

  • Ami Touma What kokoro
  • sakura kiryuu What here
  • Takumi Kitamura What rio
  • Aoi Miyazaki What Kitajima-sensei
  • Rihito Itagaki What Subaru
  • Naho Yokomizo What Fuuka
  • Minami Takayama What Masamune
  • yuki kaji What Ureshino
  • Kumiko Aso What Kokoro’s mother

Staff Members:

  • Keichi Hara is in charge of directing the film
  • the animation studio A-1 Pictures is in charge of the production of the film
  • Miho Maru is in charge of writing the scripts of the film
  • Keigo Sasaki is in charge of character design and is the chief animation director for the film
  • Ilya Kuvshinov is credited for the visual concept and design of the castle
  • harumi is responsible for the composition of the soundtrack of the film

Kagami No Kojou - Promotional Image

The novel Kagami no Kojoualso known as Lonely Castle in the Mirroris written by Mizuki Tsujimura and started posting on Poplar Publishing since the month of May of the year 2017. The novel Kagami no Kojou is recognized for winning the “Japan Booksellers Award” in 2018, topped the “Da Vinci Magazine Book of the Year” list in 2017, and won the “King’s Brunch Book Award” in 2017.

The work has a manga adaptation that is carried out by Tome Taketomi and began its publication in the magazine ultra-jump from the publisher Shueisha from the month of June of the year 2019.

Synopsis of Kagami no Kojou:

In a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo, seven students avoid going to school by hiding in their darkened rooms and are unable to see their family and friends, until they discover that the mirrors in their rooms are glowing.

With a single touch, they are whisked away from their lonely lives into a wondrous castle straight out of a Grimm fairy tale. This place strangely devoid of food and running water, but full of electrical outlets, is home to a petulant girl in a mask, named Wolf Queen, and becomes her playground and refuge during school hours. Hidden within the walls, they are told that there is a key that will grant them a wish, as well as a set of clues to find it. But there is a problem: the key must be found at the end of the school year and they must leave the premises at five o’clock.

As time passes, a devastating truth emerges: only those brave enough to share their stories will be saved. And so they begin to decipher each other’s stories: how a boy is showered with more gadgets than love; how another suffers a painful and inexplicable rejection, and how a girl lives in fear of her predatory stepfather. As they struggle to abide by the rules of the game, a poignant story unfolds of seven characters trapped in a cycle of misunderstanding and loneliness, who are ultimately freed by the power of friendship, empathy, and sacrifice.



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