The first film by the end becomes the 4th best premiere in the history of anime in Japan

Yesterday saw the premiere of the first film for the ending of the anime of “Haikyuu!!” in Japan, the one that receives the subtitle of ‘Dumpster Battle‘ in reference to the confrontation between Karasuno and Nekoma. Things as they are: there were a lot of doubts about the length of the feature film and how much material was going to be cut/compressed to make it all fit together properly, but What the Japanese seem to have had no doubt about was going to the cinema to see what is already a historic premiere..

Haikyuu!! sweeps its first day at the Japanese box office

Obviously it will be during the beginning of next week that we can have a better and more general view of the first weekend of availability of the “Haikyu!!” movie, but fortunately there is already some first data in hand that speaks of a stellar reception (via @Root25257968, @NotSterling7):

  • To begin with, it is estimated that on its first day the #1 movie for the end of the Haikyuu anime!! generated around 900 million yen in revenue, which converted to euros is a figure of around 5.6 million. 😎
haikyuu final movie (1)
People have not lost the slightest desire to watch the Haikyuu anime!!
  • But where does this place it in terms of historical releases in Japan? Well apparently he would have marked the fourth best first day record for an anime film in the land of the rising sun. The films that stayed ahead are:
    • Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Infinite Train (1.269 billion yen)
    • One Piece Film: Red (1.232 billion yen)
    • Jujusu Kaisen 0 (1,072 billion yen)
  • Likewise, it has also emerged the comparison with the Kimetsu no Yaiba Pillars Training movie, which by contrast generated ‘only’ 180 million yen on its first day. However, you have to understand that by category they are two completely different films, being Haikyuu!! the first step in the resolution of the anime while that of Kimetsu no Yaiba is about a mere summary of the Blacksmith’s Village arc along with the first episode of the season that premieres in spring. Logically, the interest is totally different. 😅

Honestly, being able to look in the eyes of some of the best film releases of “One Piece”, “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and “Jujutsu Kaisen” speaks VERY WELL about what the “Haikyuu!!” anime can achieve. in theaters with this first film. And in case anyone is wondering when this feature film will arrive in Spain… well, the truth is, at the moment I have no idea. No distributor in Spain has commented on the matter, but it seems possible to imagine that Selecta Visión and Crunchyroll will be fighting over a license that may actually end up working very well here given the popularity of Hinata and company.

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