the first spoilers for chapter 1110 confirm important revelations

Last week the readers of One Piece We had no choice but to be patient and wait for the sleeve returned from its last break, which came after one of the biggest cliffhangers in recent months. The final panel of chapter 1109 hinted that, after many years of waiting, we would finally see the entire Gorosei in action. Now we know for sure that this will eventually happen.

As expected, One Piece insiders began publishing the first leaks of chapter 1110 of the work. And believe me when I tell you that they are no small feat. The next episode will be VERY important at the lore level. Do you want to know why? Well, keep reading.

First confirmed spoilers for One Piece chapter 1110

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As with the previous chapter, this week’s ‘leaks’ come through Pewpiecewho in turn echoed a user leak secretsauce. This is all that is known about 1110:

  • The chapter includes an image of front page in which it appears Yamato traveling through Wano Country (this is from a new canon side story)
  • Then the arrival of the four remaining members of the Gorosei to Egghead Island
  • Finally the demonic aspects of these elders are revealed:
    • V. Nusjuro it’s a horse wild🐎
    • Ju Peter it has shape of worm colossal🐛
    • warcury it’s a bear gigantic wild🐻
    • Marcus Mars transforms into a bird Large size🐦
  • Behind this the Gorosei tries to attack Luffybut they are intercepted by the Giants❗❗❗
  • On the other hand, it is confirmed the resolution of the fight between Zoro and Rob Lucciwith the swordsman emerging victorious👏🏻
  • Apparently he defeats him with a specific movement and immediately notices V. Nusjuro, the sword-wielding member of the Gorosei👀👀👀
  • The chapter ends with the confirmation that next week there will be NO break weekly👍🏻

When does chapter 1110 officially come out?

The publication of the next episode of the One Piece manga is set for next Sunday, March 17 at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time. As always you can enjoy it for free, legally and in Spanish through Manga Plus.

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