The first volume of Inuyasha on sale in March

The first volume of Inuyasha on sale in March

comic planet in his preview of upcoming releases he offers new details about the kanzenban edition of inuyasha. He first volume this new edition of the successful work by Rumiko Takahashi will go on sale on March 22 along with the rest of the publisher’s manga releases of the month at a price of €16.95. This volume will have 352 pages and a paperback softcover edition with dust jacket size 14.8 x 21 cm. The final cover of this initial volume is also shown.

The manga created by Rumiko Takahashilaunched in the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday of shogakukan in November 1996, ending in June 2008 with a total of 56 volumes. In Spain, the manga has already been published in its entirety by the defunct publisher EDTbut now comic planet recovers the series in a new kanzenban edition that compiles the work in 30 volumes.

The anime also arrived in Spain. The series was broadcast in our country on the channel buzzas well as on the channels Localia, K3, Cartoon Network, Canal Sur 2, AXN and animax. select vision has edited it Complete on DVD and Blu-Rayboth in five individual packs as in a box which collects all episodes. this february select vision will release the box on DVD and BD with the final arc of the animated series of inuyashawhich was unpublished until now.

Kagome is a high school student whose family runs a Shinto shrine. On her fifteenth birthday, she is suddenly attacked by a terrible demon, who sucks her into a well near the shrine, catapulting her several centuries back in time, to the Sengoku era. In an attempt to escape the creature, the girl seeks refuge in a forest, and there she meets an enchanting half-demon with long white hair held captive by a magical seal. Awakened by Kagome to defend her from the monster that threatens her, Inu-yasha recognizes her as the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyô, guardian of the precious Jewel of the Four Souls…

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