The Forgers leave Crunchyroll

These days we are living the expansion of “Spy x Family”. And the anime, which seemed like it would stay in Crunchyroll forever, is going out to see new horizons. Just a few days ago Selecta Visión announced that it would release season 1 in physical format. Now, Anya prepares to turn Netflix upside down.

And we have known, thanks to @AnimeLegalESthat “Spy x Family” is coming to Netflix in a few days. Of course, we are looking at another great title to add to the platform’s good anime catalogue. I’ll tell you everything in more detail right now. Let’s go with it!

spy x family season 3 (1)

Spy x Family lands on Netflix

This is all the information about it:

  • Spy x Family” will premiere on Netflix next Monday March 25. 🗓
  • But… what exactly is coming? Well it’s still not clearbut the logical thing would be to think that for now it will only be the season 1. It is also not known if this will arrive all at once or in two different parts, as happened with its simulcast broadcast. ❓
  • We can enjoy the anime in VOSE or with Spanish dubbing (This is already available on Crunchyroll, so there is nothing new in that regard). 🗣
  • In this way, followers will be able to enjoy (again or for the first time) the beginning of the Forger story. ❤️
  • To close this list, I leave you a link to the “Spy x Family” profile on Netflix. 👀
Spy x Family Netflix Spain

What do you think of this news? Personally, I think we should all be happy that good anime are being “released” and can be seen on more and more platforms. However, the truth is that I’m surprised that Crunchyroll hasn’t kept its exclusive. Do you agree with me? I invite you to give your opinion in the comments.

Before finishing, I remind you that next month we have a date with the Forgers at the cinema. And there is very little left to be able to enjoy his first film in our theaters, “Spy x Family CODE: White“. In fact, There is already a date for the start of ticket pre-sale.

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