The great forgotten ones from Crunchyroll’s 2024 Anime Awards

Two animes in particular received a total of 0 awards, and their lack of recognition stings quite a bit

It always happens at each and every award gala regardless of the discipline or nominees: It never fails to be disappointed in one way or another.. After all, recognition is always limited, and throughout an entire year multiple candidates can emerge whose victory is as valid as anyone else’s. However, at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards held yesterday there were 2 forgotten greats that stung quite a bit: “tengoku Daimakyō” and season 2 of “Vinland Saga”.

Did Tengoku Daimakyō and Vinland Saga deserve an award at the 2024 Anime Awards?

My answer to this question is very simple: yes. Did they deserve it over any of the shows awarded at the Anime Awards 2024? Obviously that is an entirely different question and that for the most part depends on the individual tastes of each one. Nevertheless, I personally would have made the following changes:

  • Best Fantasy Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Blacksmith Village Arc Tengoku Daimakyō.
  • Best Drama: Attack the titans (Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS – Special 1) Vinland Saga – Season 2.

Why Tengoku Daimakyō deserved the Best Fantasy Anime award

I have to say that what I would really give to “tengoku Daimakyō” would be the award for best anime of Science fictionbut taking into account that said category did not exist, I place it within fantasy as the closest thing I understand that can follow.

Tengoku Daimakyō
Tengoku Daimakyō was an amazing anime that is very worth it

As for why I would give it ahead of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, it’s basically because “tengoku Daimakyō” introduced the anime a truly interesting universe of its own, not to mention protagonists strongly linked to its lore that made them truly unique characters.. Essentially, I think “tengoku Daimakyō” has one of the most interesting and original worlds to come to anime in recent years, and the lack of recognition is a real shame.

Furthermore, “tengoku Daimakyō” should have been a strong candidate in the animation and artistic direction sections which ALSO won “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. I really think that “tengoku Daimakyō” was very hurt by being broadcast through Disney Plus, because as an anime platform it leaves a lot to be desired and it hasn’t been known for promoting its own anime licenses for too long. In short, since the Anime Awards are largely a popularity contest, it is understandable why “tengoku Daimakyō” was relegated to absolute nothingness.

Why Vinland Saga season 2 deserved the Best Drama award

I think that words are unnecessary towards “Vinland Saga” and the brutal story that its second anime season left behind. I understand in the end that “Shingeki no Kyojin” won because it is “Shingeki no Kyojin” and especially because it was the end of the anime, but I firmly believe that as a ‘Drama’ absolutely not a single anime came close to “Vinland Saga”. If anything, I think “Jujutsu Kaisen” was closer to “Vinland Saga” than “Shingeki no Kyojin”.

Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga had absolutely everything in terms of script and character development

As for the reasons for “Vinland Saga” as the best Drama anime of 2023, honestly, there are plenty of them:

  • Thorfinn presents the best character evolution that has been seen in the sector in a long time. He leaves behind his past as a bloodthirsty killer to accept a new reality, a different way of seeing the world. With this he faces his personal traumas and dramas in a way that… leaves you speechless.
  • Einar He is Thorfinn’s perfect companion, and he Your letter of introduction be the sadness of an unfulfilled and lost love. In many ways it is, well, to give him a hug. A character who comes from an already difficult past but who, like everyone, is amazed by Thorfinn and his new vision of life.
  • Arnheid is a fascinating supporting character. Although his intervention is more limited than that of others like Thorfinn and Einar, he leaves a story of life and past that makes your hair stand on end. It is in itself an overwhelming drama story.

As a final comment, I will say that I didn’t even remember that the third season of “Mob Psycho 100” was part of this edition of the Anime Awards, all because of that strange decision of not incorporating the animes of the fall season. Again, another anime that should be recognized, easily in the Animation, Art and simply Anime of the Year sections in general. I understand that there will be many people happy with how these awards have turned out, but that they are a popularity contest in which the same people always win (with few exceptions) not only detracts from their delivery, but also from all the effort made in other animes that deserved the same or more recognition.

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