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The harassment of the director of Chainsaw Man begins

Within the anime industry fan community, the number “1735” seems to have become a trend recently, what do you mean? Well, it is the number of copies sold that the Blu-ray/DVD of Chainsaw Man in its first week. Some may think that “it is only the first week”, but that always is the reference period because sales in subsequent weeks are always lower (the first week also includes reserved copies).

Anyway, in a popular Japanese comment forum it was reported that the director Ryū Nakayamawho took over the direction of the popular series, has been receiving comments referring to the number of copies sold by Chainsaw Manand it seems that He has stopped posting on his social networks for a couple of days. It is not the first time that a series produced by MAPPA It generates this effect, and perhaps it is the reason why the posts made by the study on Twitter do not accept responses.

The director’s most recent publication was on January 29, reporting that he had been invited to the Taiwan Comics and Animation Festival 2023 (perhaps the reason why he doesn’t post more is because he’s busy), but reviewing the answers we can see the aforementioned number:

Chainsaw Man Blu-ray sales were pathetic
It’s incredible, selling 1,700 records! LOL!
This is a joke, right?

Anyway, Japanese commentators also expressed their opinion on this situation:

  • «MAPPA will obviously continue with Chainsaw Man, but will the director continue?».
  • «The fans should follow the lead of the director and not say anything about it.».
  • «Well, he must be busy being selected to direct the second season of Bocchi the Rock!».
  • «Anything you say will be criticized, keeping quiet is the right thing to do».
  • «Serving as experience to better develop the anime industry in the next ten years, Chainsaw Man was simply unlucky enough to be the guinea pig».
  • «Why didn’t you have high sales? With the money that was spent, I thought sales would reflect that.».
  • «(Responding) “We will change the artist in each ending”, but most otakus do not know all those singers. “We’ll promote in Shibuya,” but most otakus don’t go to that crowded place, and the people who pass by, the office workers, don’t watch anime. “We will do it like a Japanese movie”, but most otakus hate that story format».
  • «To be honest, I only knew Maximum The Hormone. In fact, if they had been in all twelve episodes, it would have been fine.».
  • «Hurry up and announce a change of director, the current one is too marked».
  • «Wow, only 1735».
  • «Any post you make from now on will be criticized».
  • «The settings were very good, and the battle scenes were sublime. But it seems that the story did not catch».
  • «I don’t understand the tendency to criticize the director, he wasn’t in charge of everything, was he?».
  • «(Responding) The director’s job is more serious than you think. He gives instructions to the animation guys, the sound guys and everyone else. If he wants, he even takes care of the storyboards himself».
  • «You just have to turn to see Keiichiro Sato, director of Bocchi the Rock!. His play was so successful, but he doesn’t comment on it. That’s what makes a successful person».
  • «Well, the anti-fans have started commenting on everything with “1735”. No matter what the post says, the number will be there in the replies».
  • «Well, with that in mind, it even seems like a relief that they didn’t make the Reze arc. Everyone would be in despair now».
  • «You sure didn’t expect that much pushback from fans, right?».
  • «I thought that just looking pretty would be enough for it to sell for thousands. It seems that today’s otakus already watch more within a series».
  • «Even if it had been 5,000 it would have been a questionable amount. But 1,700 is extremely pathetic, it wasn’t even a package more expensive than normal».
  • «It was already said by Ikuo Geso, who was in charge of the fourth episode. “Streaming is not enough to recover profits”».

What does the last comment refer to? Well the entertainer Ikuo Gesoco-founder of ALBACROWresponded to a question on his social networks just yesterday:

  • The number of physical albums sold is a topic of interest at the moment, but are the sales of that item that important?
  • I think it is important enough to take the trouble to produce them. They are cheaper to manufacture than many other types of merchandise. If it’s a non-streaming-exclusive title, you won’t get your investment back unless you sell physical discs.

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