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The Japanese celebrated Bra Day

just before the Valentine’s Dayevery February 12 in Japan is celebrated the “Bra no Hi (ブラジャーの日)”, which translates as “Bra Day“. A bra or brassiere is a female undergarment (some men also wear it) that supports and covers the breasts. Its use dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome, but the first modern bra is attributed to mary phelps jacob19, who created the garment in 1913 using two handkerchiefs and some ribbon.

After patenting her design in 1914, she briefly made brassieres in a two-woman factory in Boston before selling her patent to the Warner Brothers Corset Company, which began producing the garment in series. The brassiere became widespread during the first half of the 20th century, when it largely replaced the corset. Today, most women in the West wear a bra, and a minority choose not to wear a bra at all.

Finally, to celebrate this day, Twitter artists shared countless illustrations honoring this garment so characteristic of women:

Fountain: Twitter

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