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The large thighs of some waifus generate debate among the Japanese


In an interesting discussion on the popular Japanese forum Yaraonthere has been a clash of opinions on the thigh size in the anime and video game industry in Japan on different popular female characters. Which many feel that the designs are being anatomically very exaggerated, where the thighs look bigger and thicker.

Tohsaka Rin

In the debate, the comparison between the characters of video games for smartphones is given as an example Last Period: The Story of an Endless Spiral Y Assault Lily. Where various waifus with noticeably voluptuous oversized thighs can be seen, which are hard to miss at first glance.

Last Period The Story Of An Endless Spiral ThighsAssault Lily.  scaled

The recent issue that drew attention a few days ago with the virtual idol of vocaloid, hatsune miku. where the division Good Smile Racing with Team Ukyo (GSR) shared the illustration “Racing Miku 2023 Ver.” Where you can notice that the size of the thighs of hatsune miku They were increased exponentially.

hatsune mikuhatsune miku 2

The illustration was made by the popular illustrator @toridamono, who is the designer of the popular video game Atelier Ryza, who is highlighted for illustrating the character ryza with large and voluptuous thighs. Highlighting the detail where in each installment of the popular video game Atelier Ryzathe increase in the size of her thighs is evident

Atelier Ryza 3Atelier Ryza

-Here are some comments about the thighs by the Japanese:

  • In about 10 years, we’ll look back and say that the illustrations of women in 2022 were too unbalanced
  • Comparing them like this makes it seem like an exaggeration.
  • It is not good to change the original character so much in your design
  • Why alter a skinny character into a fat one. It is the same as boost multicolor
  • A bit too thick and unbalanced with the body to see great attributes on thin characters. It would be great if it was thinner
  • Enlargement of hips and thighs is something that happened as a result of otaku getting older
  • The thighs are more common in thick people and have adapted to reality
  • Natural size is also important
  • If you’re going to make the thighs thicker, make the butt bigger too
  • It is the era of the thighs above the breasts.
  • It’s like with breasts, once they get over a certain size, they instantly exaggerate it.
  • I like a body with a bit of curves
  • I am sure that games and animation will suffer a rapid decline in the future. But still I enjoy those details

Let’s remember that Japan, in the video game industry as in anime, are experts in fanservice, which is not surprising that many of the female characters have a certain exaggeration in their charms or attributes, which we have noticed in one that another anime.

And that’s the problem, some of the Japanese are bothered by the exaggeration of the designs that have been seen today, spoiling the anatomy and logic. But others consider it a necessary attraction that fulfills a fundamental objective, which is to attract us, where the thighs are thicker and bigger, the better.

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