The manga goes on hiatus and delays chapter 104 due to the death of Akira Toriyama

It was logical, expected and totally understandable. The news of Akira Toriyama’s death was a blow that affected all of us who had followed his beloved “dragon ball“since we could remember, so it is unimaginable how those who were really close to him must have felt. In the end, the decision has been made that After chapter 103 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, the work now in charge of Toyotaro will take a break.

The Dragon Ball Super manga leaves chapter 104 without a release date

It was with the launch of the new issue of the magazine V-Jump that the news has been officially communicated (via DBSHype):

  • Basically, at first it has been confirmed that Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 104 will NOT be released in April 2024which would be expected due to the monthly publication of the work.
dragon ball super gohan beast combat (1)
Chapter 103 will continue with Goku and Gohan’s fight, but no one knows what else was being prepared
  • How long will the Dragon Ball Super manga be stopped? Well, the reality is that at this point it is completely unknown. It could be both that a month of rest would be enough for Toyotaro and to plan how the franchise will work from now on, and it would also be entirely plausible that the Dragon Ball Super manga would be completely frozen until further notice.
  • You have to think that As much as Toyotaro was the artist of Dragon Ball Super and decided how certain things happened, it was Akira Toriyama who still dictated WHAT was going to happen in the manga. And again, to the difficulties that this represents for Dragon Ball as a brand, we must add the clear emotional impact. No one knows how Toyotaro is doing other than him and those close to him, but it certainly cannot be easy to continue working on a work that should remind you every second of the person who served as a mentor, inspiration and reference for years.

It is never a good time for anyone’s death, least of all for that of a person as beloved as Akira Toriyama, but With the manga ready to enter a new stage after the adaptation of Super Hero, it is more than obvious that the death of Goku’s creator has had to be a hard blow to everything that was being managed.. That “Dragon Ball Super” just continued seemed completely illogical given the circumstances, so the only thing left now is to send all the strength in the world to Toyotaro and give him the time he needs to move forward.

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