the manga skyrockets its sales in just two months

Of all the big releases that occurred in this year’s fall season (Shangri-La: Frontier, Spy x Family, Tokyo Revengers…), the one that is standing out the most without a doubt is Frieren. The new anime madhouse is releasing a really emotional manga that was only enjoying great success in Japan. But things have changed a lot in recent months.

in this industry It is quite common for sales of a manga/light novel to increase exponentially after the broadcast of its respective anime adaptation.. A good example of this is Oshi no Kowhich thanks to its series ended up entering the Top 5 of best-selling sleeves of 2023 in the land of the rising sun. So, How is a production as popular as Frieren doing?

Frieren’s manga is on track to double its sales

  • Frieren’s manga had a figure of 10 million copies in circulation BEFORE the premiere of its anime
  • The animated series began airing on September 29, and since then, Sales of the work increased a truly outrageous amount❗❗❗
  • There are currently 17 million units in circulationso Frieren’s anime helped them sell 7M copies of the manga in just two months (via wsstalkback)🤯
  • It should also be noted that the Madhouse production still has many episodes ahead and that Volume 12 of the manga will be released on December 18 in Japan, so It is very likely that before the end of 2023 the 20 million barrier will be surpassed🤔

Synopsis of Frieren

Frieren, the protagonist of Sousou no Frieren, is an elf, and like all of her race, the years pass in a flash… but this is not the case for her former battle companions, whom Frieren will see die and grow old. Suddenly Frieren realizes that even though her life moves at a slower pace for her, her experiences with her loved ones are slipping through her fingers. A nostalgic air surrounds this endearing fantastic manga that has already sold more than 2.5 million copies in Japan.

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