the mangas for which an anime is most desired

This weekend AnimeJapan 2024 will take placean event that will leave a lot of news about several of the most popular anime on the current scene. Many followers will receive great joy in the next two days. However, in addition to news about existing anime, always There are desires for some manga to make the leap to animationlike “Kindergarten Wars” or “Kagurabachi.”

Today I come to talk to you precisely about the latter. And AnimeJapan 2024 has published a poll most revealing, as has picked up @WSJ_manga. In it, they appear the Top 10 mangas that we want to see adapted to anime. Do you want to know what they are? I’ll leave them to you right now.

TOP 10 manga that we want to have their own anime

These are the “winners.” To make it more interesting, I put them from 10 to 1, with the author in parentheses.

  • 10th: PSYREN (Toshiaki Iwashiro). 🎖
  • 9th: Kindergarten Wars (Yu Chiba). 🎖
  • 8th: The Summer You Were There (Yuama). 🎖
  • 7th: Kagurabachi (Takeru Hokazono). 🎖
  • 6th: Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii (Manio Hanasaki). 🎖
  • 5th: Ugly Duckling of the Entertainment District (Naru Kariya). 🎖
  • 4th: I Think I Turned My Chilhood Friend Into a Girl (Azusa Banjo). 🎖
  • 3rd: RAB (Real Akiba Boys) no Nichijo Egaitemita (Maron). 🥉
  • 2nd: Shogakusei Emamoto Emumi no Katte Kimama Life (Emujin). 🥈
  • 1st: Shinanonchi no Ikuru (Nakasora Hami). 🥇
Shinanonchi no Ikuru
Shinanonchi no Ikuru, the manga that Japanese people most want to see turned into anime

Well here we have the list. What do you think of the mangas that appear in it? What is clear is that it is no surprise to see works as popular as “Kagurabachi” either “Kindergarten Wars“The only thing that can be more surprising about them is that are not even higher in the ranking.

Before finishing, I leave you linked some news about the panels of certain series at AnimeJapan 2024. If you are fans of the animes that I show you, you will surely be very interested in following the link to inform you well about everything.

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