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The model that was edited as an anime character committed suicide

Diana Deetsa popular model of onlyfans who called himself “Coconut Kitty” died by suicide, as reported to his 5.4 million followers on February 18.

The statement said: “It is unfair. Life is unfair. We wish you could have known her like her friends and family did. He was a light to this world. He was always radiant. You could never stop that girl. She was so headstrong and strong, but also so kind, with the biggest heart we’ve ever known. She was always trying to cheer up everyone around her. She wanted everyone to win».

Coconut Kitty

Deets’ age is unknown, as for years he claimed to be 24 years old. The middle rolling stones public an article about Deets after it was discovered that he edited his photos to look youngerwhich led to a sector on social networks accusing her of “meeting the needs of pedophiles.”

In the article of rolling stonesDeets explained that he tried to make a living selling acrylic paints, and when he failed, he created the character of “Coconut Kitty“. Deets explained: “I wanted to make something that resembled a real life anime character. (small chin, big eyes) that it was made in my likeness, because I use a photo of myself and I edit it. I just wanted to create a fantasy, a character. And I was able to hide my identity and continue to earn money with my art». On the left, his character, on the right, the real person.

Deets, who had amassed a large following as a cam model, He stated that Coconut Kitty “gave him an opportunity to disassociate himself” from the criticism he was facing online.. Deets also addressed allegations that she was “grooming” and “catfishing” underage youth on social media into joining the onlyfans. Deets denied the accusations and explained that he was trying to hire a model to organize a car event with her.

He claimed: “I wouldn’t do anything in an unsafe environment, and I wouldn’t attend myself if I wasn’t sure. And she wouldn’t do it to someone else if it was unsafe for her.». The announcement of his death alluded to Deets suffering from depression, as he stated that “She was always herself with her family and friends. The energy from her was so pure. And we wish so badly that we could take away some of the darkness that weighed on hers heart.».

Fountain: Daily Mail

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