the most popular animes of winter 2024

With already 2-3 episodes broadcast for each winter 2024 anime, it is possible to start watching the most successful adaptations of this season

The winter anime season has been active for about three weeks now, and in this time it has been possible to get a first impression of the new proposals in the sector. From completely new productions to old acquaintances that return with a vengeance. Today, I take a little walk through the portals of EVIL and AniList to bring you the animes that have established themselves as the most popular of the new anime quarter.

Solo Leveling

Clearly the king of this winter season. The “Solo Leveling” anime tops the popularity list on both MAL and AniList and is confirmed as what it was predicted to be before its premiere: a real bombshell. Sung Jinwoo’s story has started with all kinds of wild scenes that are giving way to ‘new awakening‘ from the protagonist, one that will be packed with what will easily be some of the best action to be seen in 2024. If you’re still sorting out this year’s anime, “Solo Leveling” is definitely a MUST-SEE for the Winter 2024 season.

Classroom of the Elite – Season 3

It is not easy to pass on the right to a sociopath like Ayanokouji, so only someone tormented by life like Sung Jinwoo has achieved such an achievement. Indeed, after “Solo Leveling” he returns to that institute that he would not want to be a part of as the second ranked in popularity on both MAL and AniList. The tests between classes continue to happen, and as Ayanokouji climbs positions alongside ‘his’, the most notable are the figures that begin to make a move. This quarter there promises to be a cold war like there has never been before.

Mashle – Season 2

I think “Mashle” has landed more on its feet in the anime industry than many initially expected. Not only was the first season a great cover letter, but the second came to premiere even going viral on TikTok thanks to one of the most ‘LOL’ openings that have been seen in a long time. On the other hand, the truth is that the anime continues in the line of the first season, with a good dose of action but above all with an amount of absurd humor that automatically turns it, once again, into one of the best exponents of comedy that the sector has.

TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy-

At a stage in the industry in which the isekai genre is repeated more than aioli, it is not at all easy to have the success that “TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy-” has achieved recently.. After debuting and convincing with a story in which comedy is essential, the second season has once again been very well received and ranks as the fourth most popular anime on MAL and the sixth on AniList. So without a doubt, the story of the ‘ugly’ by Misumi It seems that he still knows how to stand out from the many isekais with which he has to compete.

Dungeon Meshi

One of the premieres that I personally was most looking forward to in all of 2024, especially for 2 reasons: the great fame that precedes the manga and the fact that I like watching food in anime more and more. Obviously “Dungeon Meshi” is not just that, since characters like Marcille or Laios give you full-blown comedy moments. Plus, if you’re into fantasy action, you’ll find dungeons full of traps, ‘enchanted’ armor and in general creatures of all kinds in order to make the true star of the show stand out at all times: the always wonderful ‘stoves’. With a fourth position on AniList and a sixth on MAL, it seems that many agree with what I say.

  • Where to see: Netflix.
  • Duration: 24 episodes.

Mato Seihei no Slave

And arrives the fetish anime of the season. Because in effect, “Mato Seihei no Slave” is ‘that’ anime that one comes across from time to time and that refers to the following structure: a male protagonist is surrounded by female characters, there is all kinds of fantastic action and for one For whatever reason, the protagonist always ends up in racy scenes with each and every one of the girls. A fifth position on both MAL and AniList confirms that The ‘plot’ of “Mato Seihei no Slave” has already caught more than one person on the Internet.

  • Where to see: HiDive.
  • Duration: 12 episodes.

Yes, if one wants to wield names like “A Sign of Affection” or “Blue Exorcist”, well in fact it would also be legitimate, but the reality is that all the other animes that I have mentioned seem to have a little more pull than the rest (at least for now). In any case, a quarter is a fairly long period of time, so if you have enough time, I recommend exploring the rest of the catalog released this winter of 2024 on your own.

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