the new anime from the director of Jujutsu Kaisen is simply incredible

The first episode of Ninja Kamui has already been broadcast and what E&H Production has achieved is crazy

When “Ninja Kamui“It was announced a little while ago, it went from being a completely unknown project to one that was worth keeping track of in a matter of seconds, which was how long it took you to see that it was an anime by the studio E&H Production. In fact, at first it was totally normal not to have any idea what study this was, since after all it was a completely new one with no work in its name. However, everything changed again at the moment of knowing that said study was the creation of Park Sung-hoo.

The new anime from the director of the first season of “Jujutsu Kaisen” as well as “The God of High School” is now available with its number 1 episode through HBO Max. And let me define it with a single word: absolutely incredible.

Ninja Kamui starts with a first 22 minutes of animation of the highest caliber imaginable

This is one of those occasions when it is clearly more worth leaving you with a small demonstration than not explaining anything with words. So that, here is a small fragment from the wild first episode of “Ninja Kamui” (via @kles7_):

But is “Ninja Kamui” anything more than a riotous action fest? Well, obviously that is the main attraction of the show and with which E&H Production intends to break into the anime scene with force, but it does there are more things to take into account.

  • First of all, it is an anime not suitable for those who can’t stand blood. One thing is the action, which is something completely normal in the sector. However, Ninja Kamui has very high blood levels that, although I consider that they fit wonderfully with the show itself and the tone that he proposes, I understand that not everyone can like him. 😅
  • Secondly, the concept of the ninjas in modern society in a very attractive way, in fact with a aesthetics and concepts very close to certain parts of Cyberpunk 2077 lore. To contrast, Under Ninja is another anime that also aimed to introduce the idea of ​​’ninjas in the modern world’, but unlike Ninja Kamui it did so in a very unappealing way. 🥰
  • Thirdly, although episode 1 of the anime could perfectly work like an OVA without the need for more episodes, establishes what will be a story with a wild intensity. It is a story of the purest idea of ​​revenge that, without a doubt, will end up becoming one of the great animes of the year. 😎

With everything I’ve said, I obviously highly recommend giving “Ninja Kamui” a chance. I can’t remember the last time I was able to consistently watch 20+ minutes of animation at a level like this (speaking of episodic anime). And no, it’s not a question of exaggerating: from the first to the last the E&H Production team carries out a job that I don’t know if they will be able to maintain for the entirety of the X episodes that “Ninja Kamui” lasts, but if they really achieve it We may end up being faced with one of the most spectacular animes in the entire history of the sector.

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