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The new episode of KonoSuba is leaked! —Kudasai

The anticipation for the return of the anime adaptation of “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” has been clouded with the news and confirmation that The first episode of the third season has been leaked online ahead of its scheduled premiere on April 10. This leaked episode, however, is only available with English subtitles and can be obtained through Nyaa, the popular site dedicated to anime piracy.


The leak of this episode has generated quite a surprise among fans, since although it has happened in the past, it is not something very common to see. However, all this raises an important question: where is the security in the distribution of digital content and what will Japan think when it finds out about this?

According to multiple sources on Twitter, this first episode of this new season has been made public on this torrent site, which has sparked debates in the community about the ethics of consuming pirated content. Additionally, some fans express concern about the possible impact this incident could have on the way Japanese companies want to distribute anime in the West.

Although the reason behind this incident has not yet been confirmed, Some point out a possible vulnerability in the streaming platform Crunchyroll, which continues to use servers from the defunct Funimation. Responsible companies are expected to take steps to address this situation and prevent future cases of content leaks, although some suggest that this leak could be a wake-up call for them to improve their security.

It should be noted that the third season of “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” It is the most anticipated premiere for the Spring-2024 season (April-June) according to the most recent MyAnimeList ranking. On the other hand, Studio Drive is in charge of the production of this third season, replacing Studio Deen.

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